Dončičs: Together with Porziņģis we provided the team with many points

Derrick Santistevan
Luka Dončičs, Stīvens Adamss un Kristaps Porziņģis
Luka Dončičs, Steven Adams and Kristaps Porziņģis | Photo: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks star of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Luka Dončič, is pleased with the performance of his team in the match. It has already been reported that the Mavericks played the Pelicans of New Orleans with 143: 130. Kristaps Porziņģis set a career long shot record in this match and played his most productive game of the season, but for Dončič it was the most productive game of his career.

“We we provided a lot of points for the team, ”admitted Dončičs, who together with Porziņģis scored 82 points. “But the rest of the team also played great and we have to show such performance in every match. The attack has improved as our self-esteem and energy have improved. Now the team has four wins in a row and that is what we are paid for. We are doing it now and it must be continued. ”

Dončičs believes that the team he represented did not perform well in the defense in the match. “We were not good in this respect, but at least we won. We had four guys who, for various reasons, had dropped out for three weeks before, so it was hard, but now they’re back and we look a lot better overall. ”

Porziņģis scored 36 points, which is his record for this season’s performance, as well as he scored eight of the 13 long shots – so many threes he had not scored in one match during his career. The previous record was set last season when he made seven three-point shots against Portland’s Trail Blazers in August.

Kristaps in this game there were 32 minutes and 18 seconds on the court, during which he threw 13 of the 21 shots from the game (61.9%), eight of the 13 three-pointers (61.5%) and two of the four fines (50%). He also had seven rebounds, three of which were in attack, one assists, one blocked throw, two errors, four remarks and a positive +/- score (8).

No less impressive performance for Dončič, who scored 46 points and as a result they both managed to score 82 points together with Porziņģis. Dončič had a career record of 46 points. We also have 12 assists, eight rebounds and one blocked throw. Dorian Finland-Smith also stood out in Dallas with 14 points and Jane Branson (13

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