Whoever leaves the Formula E Gen3 in the middle will have to 'pay to leave'

Sandra Loyd

Registration fee per season is 300 thousand euros and the FIA ​​will not ‘forgive’ a cent

The FIA ​​has announced that car manufacturers for the third generation of Formula E will have to pay the registration fee for all seasons of that cycle even if they give up on it in the middle. In other words, a team that signs up within the period of the Gen3 era and decides to give up before it ends as they will have to ‘pay to leave’ the competition – and all at once.

The Gen3 era of the championship that this year will already have World Championship status and that has the Portuguese António Félix da Costa and his team, DS, as holders of the champions’ titles, will start in 2022. This month From February, the FIA ​​updated the Formula E regulations with a new version noted by «Motorsport» including a clause providing for ‘ahead of time’ departures for the planned ninth, tenth, 11th and 12th seasons of the single-seater championship

“In the event that a manufacturer withdraws from the championship before the end of the cycle, the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and the FIA’s sole remedy for such withdrawal will be the payment of the registration and homologation fee for the world cup from the time the manufacturer withdrew until at the end of the cycle, to be paid in a tranche within 60 days prior to the effective date of withdrawal. The manufacturer will be solely responsible for any consequences in relation to the supply of the teams. ”

The new regulations regarding the registration process of manufacturers in seasons 9, 10, 11 and 12, which includes the article 7.4 mentioned here, informs that the registration fee for each season is 300 thousand euros.

This year’s 2021 World Cup in which Félix da Costa defends the title starts at the end of February, with the first two races in Diriyah, on the 26th and 27.

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