What Are Leveraged Tokens And Should You Trade Them?

Tyler Hromadka

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The digital possession markets are continually innovating and developing to accommodate various kinds of traders. Among the current developments in the crypto trading space is leveraged tokens.

In this post, you will be presented to utilize tokens, how they work, and we discuss their downsides and advantages.

Leveraged tokens 101

A leveraged token is a financial derivative that allows you to get direct exposure to a leveraged trading position in a digital possession without the complex elements of handling a margin trade.

Utilize tokens are ERC20 tokens that represent an utilize brief or long position in a cryptoasset. The main selling point of these brand-new crypto acquired tokens is that they allow you to take leveraged positions without needing to handle security, financing rates, margin management, and liquidation. Their relative simpleness is why they have actually amassed a great deal of attention considering that their launch.

Leveraged tokens were first presented by the crypto derivatives exchange FTX to supply a brand-new method for traders to take leveraged positions on a wide variety of digital properties. Ever since, a variety of other trading platforms, consisting of Binance, have actually done the same.

In the screenshot below, for instance, you can see 3X Long Bitcoin Token – traded on FTX – that represents a 3 times leveraged long position on bitcoin (BTC) daily.

Source: FTX.com.

The worth of these tokens fluctuates with the rate of bitcoin however with an utilize of 3times If the rate of bitcoin rallies by 5% within a couple of hours, you can anticipate to make 15% on your 3X Long Bitcoin Token if you close it out at that point.

To make leveraged tokens possible, FTX concerns (and redeems) these tokens in the type of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Furthermore, the exchange rebalances the tokens daily. This makes it possible for the worth of the token to be in line with the worth of the underlying digital possession.

The advantages and disadvantages of leveraged tokens

Similar To all financial items, there are downsides and advantages. Leveraged tokens are no exception. Below, you will discover a list of the most crucial advantages and disadvantages of leveraged tokens.


  • Utilize tokens allow anybody to take an intra-day leveraged position in a digital possession without the technicalities of a margin trade.
  • As leveraged tokens exist on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 tokens you can transparently track them and hold them in an individual Ethereum wallet.


  • Leveraged token trading is extremely dangerous. If the market moves considerably, the worth of your tokens can drop considerably.
  • These are brand-new, speculative financial problems and derivatives can take place. It would be recommended not to run the risk of too much on these brand-new financial investment items.
  • Because they are rebalanced daily, leveraged tokens are not implied for long-lasting holding. You would be much better off going the conventional path of purchasing a cryptoasset utilizing margin if you desire to take a medium or long-lasting leveraged position.
  • Not all leveraged tokens are equivalent. Some exchanges provide more openness while others provide less.

Should you trade leveraged tokens?

If you are a skilled margin trader who wishes to bank on intraday rate pumps or drops, you might utilize leveraged tokens rather of taking “traditional” leveraged positions on a digital possession exchange or utilizing Agreement for Distinctions. They are easier to utilize and trade, and supply an unique method to trade crypto.

Nevertheless, if you are not a skilled crypto trader, you are most likely much better off staying with area trading as the chance of losing money is much greater with leveraged tokens.

Additionally, provided how speculative and brand-new these tokens are, you might wish to see and wait how this market progresses prior to putting excessive capital at threat. Just like all brand-new technologies, things can fail and they normally do at the worst possible time. If you do choose to trade leveraged tokens, you might desire to start little prior to taking on more threat.

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