Video: Volvo P1800 Cyan pushed to the limits in Swedish snow

Sandra Loyd

The Swedish brand’s iconic coupé was recreated by Cyan Racing

The return of Volvo P1800 in muscular version had already been announced by Cyan Racing, but the competition division of Geely Group, has now revealed the exclusive model to be pushed to the limit in extreme conditions.

“Our goal is to make a car with a design of solid foundation that allows the driver to explore the limits, instead of relying on electronic aids to control power and weight like most modern performance cars ” , revealed Mattias Evensson, chief engineer of Cyan Racing.

The new P1800 Cyan is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, capable of delivering 420 horsepower and a torque of 455 Nm, which Cyan Racing uses on the Volvo S60 TC1 competition .

This powerful engine is associated with a five-speed gearbox Holinger cities that transmit power to the rear wheels through a carbon fiber transmission shaft.

Keeping the silhouette of the iconic original model, this Cyan P1800 has been completely modified, including the chassis with high strength steel and carbon fiber, independent suspension with specific tuning, with two adjustment levels, with an overlapping triangles configuration based on aluminum.

In addition, the new P1800 also has wider axles , 18-inch wheels, a self-locking differential with torque vectoring with customizable ratio on the rear axle and four-piston brake calipers with steel discs and weighs just 990 kg.

In tests performed on icy lakes and snowy roads in northern Sweden, the exclusive version of the Volvo P1800, showed all its capabilities for time-controlled skids around 20 degrees negative, where Cyan Racing worked to explore all the features and limits of the P1800 Cyan in challenging conditions.

“What really impressed us on this expedition was that the car is very easy to drive. The basic concept of the car seems to work very well, it doesn’t matter much whether we are on a dry asphalt track, or on a wet and winding road with ice and snow like the ones we find here in northern Sweden ” , concluded Mattias Evensson.

It is recalled that Cyan Racing intends to produce a limited edition of this P1800, but has not yet revealed the number of units or the price of this exclusive model.

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