Video: Lewis Hamilton talks about the Mercedes-AMG Project One

Sandra Loyd

F1-style road hypercar is coming …

The Mercedes-AMG Project One is the German brand Formula 1 road car and, while the hypercar is not officially presented, its launch is being made by the F1 world champion with Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton.

In a video published on the Mercedes-AMG social networks, it is not necessary of great presentations that Hamilton talks about what he felt with this “car that all F1 drivers dream of driving.”


“Imagine pulling on the four digits of power: it comes out like a bullet. The acceleration is out of this world , also in EV mode ”, says the English driver.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One brings F1 technology to the road and is equipped with a 1.6-liter V6 biturbo engine to which four electric motors are associated generating a combined power in the order of 1,000 hp.

This “will be the first performance hybrid approved for AMG road” and Hamilton underlines that “the spectacular thing about this car” is really “To be able to take the great performance to the road” .

“This is what I also liked to take to the track: the authentic feeling of F1 combined with AMG comfort” , says the Englishman about a hypercar whose acceleration even at 200 km / h it promises to be less than 6 seconds …


But there’s more to have on the road than on a racetrack and Project One points to that too: “The resemblance to the sound of a race car is exceptional. The difference is that with this I can listen to my favorite songs … ”

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