UK foreign aid budget cut by ₤ 3bn ‘due to COVID-19’ – as MPs leave for summer recess

Derrick Santistevan

A cut of almost ₤ 3 billion in the UK’s foreign aid budget – blamed by the federal government on coronavirus – has actually stimulated a row after it was revealed as MPs left Westminster for the summer recess.

Exposing the cut, foreign secretary Dominic Raab stated the ₤158 bn aid budget – embeded in law at 0.7% of national earnings – would have to fall because the economy is diminishing since of COVID-19

“The UK is experiencing a severe economic downturn as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mr Raab stated on the last day of Commons business – a relocation MPs stated was “poor practice”.

Dominic Raab revealed the cut on the final day of Commons business prior to the summer break

He added: “Provided the most likely decrease in the size of the economy this year, the prime minister asked me to recognize the changes required to ensure we satisfy, however do not go beyond the 0.7% dedication.

” As this dedication is based upon our Gross National Earnings, when the economy diminishes, our official advancement help invest likewise minimizes.”

Mr Raab’s statement comes simply weeks after Boris Johnson’s questionable decision to axe the International Advancement Department (DFID) and combine it with Mr Raab’s Foreign Office.

The foreign secretary exposed the lowered aid costs in a letter to Labour MP Sarah Champ, who chairs the soon-to- be- axed International Advancement Select Committee of MPs.

Mr Raab composed: “We have actually been able to ensure that the money we will still invest in 2020 stays prioritised on hardship decrease for the ‘bottom billion’, as well as taking on environment modification and reversing biodiversity loss, promoting ladies’ education, UK management in the global action to COVID-19, and marketing on problems such as media liberty and liberty of faith.

” So that we can respond to the possible shrinking in our economy, and for that reason a decrease in the worth of the 0.7% dedication (which is based upon the UK’s GNI), we have actually determined a ₤ 2.9 bn plan of decreases in the federal government’s prepared ODA invest so we can continue wisely for the rest of 2020.”

PM reveals strategy to combine DFID with Foreign Office

Condemning the timing of the statement, Ms Champ stated: “The statement today raises more concerns than it responds to.

” The letter mentions delaying activity and stopping some costs – what is the timescale on this?

” If it is with instant result, do the tasks understand or will they learn through the media as DFID personnel did about the merger? Exists an overarching technique in location?

” Will the assessment of the effect of these cuts be made public? Where is the analysis?

“Clearly there has been no consultation, but to release this news literally as Parliament rises so there can be no scrutiny by MPs is poor practice.”

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Labour’s Shadow international advancement secretary Preet Gill stated: “As we deal with the reality of lower GDP, tasks and programs that are not transparent or have actually been discovered to have actually no or restricted advancement effect must be the focus of re- assessment.

” Labour desires the aid budget to provide worth for money for British taxpayers and advise the federal government to ensure it is concentrated on taking on hardship.”

Liberal Democrat international advancement spokesperson Wendy Chamberlain stated: “In spite of previous guarantees that plainly weren’t worth the paper they were composed on, we now see the callous Tories for who they actually are.

“This devastating cut to international aid is a clear sign that the UK is abandoning the world stage. Because of this government more children will have their life chances blighted by poverty.”

A Federal government spokesperson stated: “The UK is a global leader in advancement and we stay dedicated to conference our 0.7% target of Gross National Earnings.

” The effect of Covid-19 on the size of our economy this year impacts how much 0.7 represents, so we have actually prioritised our money to ensure we can still make a distinction in locations like hardship decrease, taking on environment modification and assisting to lead the global action to coronavirus.”

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