Dua Lipa ‘unfortunate and upset’ over reaction to Albanian map tweet

Derrick Santistevan

Dua Lipa was left sensation “sad and angry” after some fans misinterpreted her tweet including a map of ‘Greater Albania’ as an expression of extreme Albanian nationalism.

The New Rules hitmaker posted a map that consists of Albania, Kosovo and parts of neighbouring European countries, and a meaning of the word autochthonous – explaining people who are “indigenous rather than descended from migrants or colonists” – to recommend Albanians belonged there.

Lipa, whose moms and dads are from Kosovo, was implicated of favouring extremism after publishing the map, which is utilized by hardline Albanian nationalists who want the development of a Greater Albania – a claim she rejected in a Twitter declaration.

“My previous post was never meant to incite any hate,” the star composed. “It makes me unfortunate and upset that my post has actually been wilfully misinterpreted by some groups and people who promote ethnic separatism, something I totally decline.

” Whenever I post about Kosovo, my feed goes bananas, even if it has to do with something as cheerful as food or music, and I am met strong resistance to the concept of a genuine Kosovan culture.”

Signing off, the star added: “All of us are worthy of to take pride in our ethnic culture and where we are from. I merely desire my nation to be represented on a map and to be able to talk to pride and pleasure about my Albanian roots and my mom nation. I motivate everybody to welcome their heritage and listen and gain from each other. Peace, love, and regard to all – Dua x.”

Some followers were not impressed by the information, nevertheless, with lots of mentioning that the map the star posted likewise consisted of areas that belong to its neighbours instead of simply Kosovo or Albania.

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