Toni Braxton Praises An Amazing Doctor For The Way In Which He’s Saving Lives These Days

Tyler Hromadka

Toni Braxton praises a great doctor for how he’s dealing with clients and saving lives throughout such a hard time. Just recently, Toni shared an outrageous piece of news on her social media account, including lupus.

She posted a story about a female with lupus who states that her doctor is topping her chloroquine prescription.

Anyhow, here’s Toni’s post about the doctor who is saving many lives nowadays.

‘This is Dr. Wallace, my rheumatologist, and he is a lifesaver. I know times are rough, but please take a moment to hear from him about how he is doing his best to get medication and services to those of us who are already suffering from immunodeficiency and threatened by covid-19. @lupusla,’ Toni captioned her post.

Somebody stated: ‘I’ m so grateful to Dr. Wallace since of him I’m still alive I have SLE, fibromyalgia, Arthritis vasculitis, kidney Nephritis, neuropathy Sjogren’s syndrome, and the list keeps going on my life has completely altered.’

Another commenter posted this: ‘Thank you, Toni, you and your followers are amazing! Let’ s restriction together to keep everybody looked after and to support our health care employees!
The Wallace Rheumatic Diseases Foundation values whatever!! a’

Another commenter stated: ‘He seems like a nice guy, thank you, Toni, for all your work with lupus awareness.’

Somebody else posted the following message: ‘Also, he mentioned money. Is there somewhere we can donate to help with getting gloves and masks?’

Another fan stated: ‘Glad you guys will be able to have the strategies to get this situated for people who have Lupus to continue to protect themselves medical wise!’

One commenter composed: ‘Thank you, Toni & Dr. Wallace and all those who are working tirelessly to ensure that people get the necessary help they need in these challenging times. Lots of love to everyone. Together we can get through this.’

It’s excellent to understand that we have such physicians throughout this horrible crisis that’s flooding the entire world.

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