Donald Trump Is Using An Insanely Sketchy Newsletter To Find Campaign Donors

Adrian Ovalle

The digital newsletter “I Love My Freedom” frequently blasts out e-mails hawking ostentatious rip-offs and snake oil, such as a dementia-reversing “miracle” treatment, a “diabetes destroyer” compound and a “life-saving” cancer treatment that a Nazi chemist allegedly developed at Hitler’s command. Peppered in between these messages sponsored by third-party hucksters are official advertisements from Donald Trump’s governmental reelection campaign.

For months, members of the president’s inner circle– consisting of Donald Trump Jr., Senate Bulk Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), former House Speaker Amphibian Gingrich and even Trump himself– have actually been providing require contributions through the newsletter, which normally heads out 5 or more times each day. Numerous receivers were most likely unintentionally subscribed; I Love My Flexibility, the group that runs the eponymous newsletter, has actually obtained a growing list of Americans’ contact details through a concealed e-mail gathering plan including a web of pro-Trump Facebook pages.

Right-wing political leaders, companies and media outlets have a history of dealing with dubious entities behind the scenes to make money and press their programs. The Trump campaign’s business with I Love My Flexibility is no exception.

By style, its e-mails appear they’re sent out straight from Trump and his allies, though they’re really dispersed through At the bottom, they bear disclaimers noting they were spent for by either the National Republican Politician Senatorial Committee, its House equivalent, the McConnell Senate Committee, or the Trump Make America Great Again Committee (which is collectively run by the Republican Politician National Committee and Trump’s reelection campaign).

Renting access to gathered e-mail lists is a extremely financially rewarding and typical practice worked out by liberal and conservative groups alike, frequently for political fundraising functions. Things get morally dirty when e-mail suppliers do not veterinarian their sponsors– which can result in e-mail receivers being flooded with scams and ripoffs, like the counterfeit cancer remedy. In this case, nevertheless, the real concern is whether Trump’s team troubled to veterinarian I Love My Flexibility.

The campaign did not react to HuffPost’s ask for comment.

Scams, Scams And Trump Advertisements

I Love My Flexibility, which consists of the newsletter and a conservative blog site called Trending Politics, becomes part of Making Web LLC, an odd marketing company that’s signed up in Minnesota to a 51- year-old guy called Allan G. Ferretti.

Through the newsletter alone, I Love My Flexibility has actually magnified a list of predatory rip-offs– consisting of some that misleadingly link Trump, in spite of its negotiations with hiscampaign Hours prior to dispersing a fundraising e-mail from the McConnell Senate Committee this month, I Love My Flexibility fired off a sponsored message promoting a “breakthrough” stem cell treatment– which it baselessly suggested Trump is getting.

“This has got Liberals jumping out of their seats,” the e-mail checks out. “President Trump is in perfect health … how is it that he’s so seemingly immune to old age? Well in recent years, billionaires like President Trump have increasingly turned to the power of Stem Cells.”

Entitled “Trump Health Bombshell,” the e-mail links to a rambling item pitch that promotes $67 bottles of “stem cell” tablets as “the Holy Grail of aging backwards.” These tablets make “cells inside your body become physically younger,” it declares, without using a shred of clinical proof. I Love My Flexibility has likewise spammed its customers with sponsors’ get-rich-quick plans consisting of a “secret IRS loophole,” and has actually directed them to videos recommending senior citizens need to switch their recommended medications for tricksters’ supplements– even warning that they might pass away if they do not.

Current newsletter editions have actually propagated actual phony news, too, embedding advertisements camouflaged as articles that connect to sites stealthily mimicing genuine media outlets.

I Love My Flexibility newsletters have actually included misleading advertisements leading to phony news websites mimicing genuine outlets..

One such advertisement features the text “Royal Family Mourns As Tragedy Is Confirmed,” together with an image of Meghan Markle, the Duchess ofSussex Clicking it causes a website simulating U.S.A. Today that raves about a skin care line, which it incorrectly declares Markle released. Another, bearing the heading “[BREAKING NEWS] Prayers Head Out to Oprah Winfrey,” links to a fake news website pitching a “Brain Booster” supplement, which it brazenly states is accountable for Winfrey’s profession success.

In addition to Trump, his oldest child, McConnell and Gingrich, I Love My Flexibility has actually likewise sent fundraising e-mails on behalf of former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), House Republican Politician Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), Rep. David Joyce (R-Ohio), former White House Deputy Chief of Personnel Karl Rove and National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Emmer.

All were spent for by the NRCC, NRSC, McConnell Senate Committee or the Trump Make America Great Again Committee. Just the NRCC reacted to an ask for comment.

“We rented this list to prospect new donors. We do our best to vet each vendor, but similar to renting a car, it is impossible to know or control what every other renter does with a list they too are renting,” representative Chris Load informed HuffPost.

“We will not be using this vendor going forward.”

Inside The Machine

I Love My Flexibility built its cash-cow e-mail empire by investing almost $2 million into Facebook advertisements, which draw people in with clickbait surveys or guarantees of “free” MAGA equipment, and lead to pages advising them to send their e-mail addresses. This immediately indications them as much as get the newsletter, in addition to its numerous sponsored messages.

The group likewise makes money by offering Trump- themed product such as “Make Liberals Cry Again” hats, and hosting third-party advertisements on Trending Politics– which was checked out a million times last month alone, according to digital analytics tool SimilarWeb.

I Love My Flexibility did not consent to HuffPost’s ask for an interview.

I Love My Flexibility utilizes clickbait Facebook advertisements to collect people’s e-mails, then subscribes them to its newsletter.

Ferretti released in addition to the Facebook page Trump for President Fan Club (now President Donald Trump Fan Club, which has 1.6 million followers) in the summer season of 2015, as reporter April Glaser reported last fall in a post about I Love My Flexibility’s viral growth on Facebook.

It is among more than a lots popular pages the group runs to run its countless Facebook advertisements, consisting of Donald Trump Is My President, Donald Trump 2020 Citizens, President Trump Has My Vote, Donald Trump’s Americans, Team Trump Fan Club, The President Trump Fan Club, We Need Trump 2020 and President Trump’s Patriot Army.

These pages produce a stream of hyper-partisan memes and Trending Politics article to their audience ofmillions Improved by Facebook’s algorithm, the advertisements– which mainly target senior citizens– are often seen numerous countless times each.

“This looks like an operation that’s got a very highly engaged audience that would be a prime target for a lot of conservative politicians to try to raise grassroots money from,” stated Michael Beckel, research study director at the political reform group Problem One.

” When you run a pro-Trump Facebook group with more than a million members, that can make your [email] list an attractive property.”

Trump’s campaign has actually currently collected a citizen e-mail list that’s so big it leases it out to outside celebrations. Why would his team desire to fundraise through I Love My Flexibility’s list– particularly offered the group’s longstanding ties to grifters and con artists?

” It’s sort of striking that the Trump campaign is making a financial investment in … [I Love My Freedom’s] list,” kept in mind Beckel. A t the end of the day, he stated, more e-mails “still means more potential voters or donors for them.”

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