The Nordic Nightmare Robert Helenius Stops Adam Kownacki in a Shocker


Premier Boxing Champions returned back to FOX with 3 battles in the heavyweight division The card was staged at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City. A big Polish crowd was on hand wishing for another great performance from their countrymen Adam Kownacki

In the main event, Robert “The Nordic Nightmare” Helenius(30 -3, 19 KO’s) scored and stunned the world a TKO over Adam “Babyface” Kownacki (20 -1, 15 KO’s) in the 4th round This battle was a WBA World Heavyweight Title Eliminator. In the opening round, Helenius began to utilize his jab in long variety however Kownacki squandered no time at all stepping forward. Kownacki got near to Helenius and landed body shots. In round 2, the action got. Kownacki stepped forward and had the ability to land a right-hand man on the chin of Helenius Helenius then supported Kownacki with 2 right-hand men on the chin. Kownacki then ended up the round stepping forward and both men traded shots.

In round 3, Kownacki worked the body of Helenius He supported Helenius on the ropes and landed punches to his body and head. When once again, Helenius fired back with right-hand men that arrived on the head of Kownacki In round 4, as Kownacki stepped forward, both fighters traded punches. In an exchange, Helenius landed a right-hand man on the chin of Kownacki that dropped him. Nevertheless, the ref did not rule it a knockdown. When Kownacki got up, Helenius landed a right-hand man that dropped Kownacki When Kownacki got up, Heleniuswent for thefinish He landed a barrage of punches on Kownacki that triggered the referee to stop the battle. The stunning ending came at 1: 08 of the 4thround

This was another shock in the heavyweight division Kownacki was anticipated to win this defend a chance at a title shot or land a larger battle. Nevertheless, anything can occur in the heavyweight division when you have big punchers striking each other. For Helenius, he simply resurrected his profession and is as soon as again a leading world heavyweight. Now, he will be lined up for a world title shot. Rather a return story for Helenius Great action battle from both men that ended in a stunner.

In the co-feature, Efe Ajagba (13 -0, 11 KO’s) scored a ninth round TKO over Razvan Cojanu (17 -7, 9 KO’s). Ajagba stalked Cojanu in the first round He focused on landing his left jab and his right-hand man to the head of Cojanu. In the second round, Cojanu came out and put the pressure on Ajagba. Cojanu landed a couple of hooks to the body of Ajagba. Both fighters remained near to each other and worked well in the within in round 3. Ajagbalanded great left hooks to the body of Cojanu. Both fighters were busy in round 4. Ajagba landed a couple of overhand rights on the head of Cojanu. Cojanu began to come forward in round 5 and he worked the body of Ajagba. Ajagba returned the favor and landed his own body shots. Things warmed up in round 6. Ajagba landed a series of right and left hooks to the head of Cojanu. Cojanu did some great body deal with Ajagba. In round 7, Ajagba focused on the body of Cojanu and had success. In round 8, a right-hand man by Ajagba arrived on the head of Cojanu. Cojanu decreased on his knee and he got up on the count of 9. Ajagba moved forward and landed a ideal hand followed by a left hook to finish the round In round 9, a damaged Cojanu made a final stand and traded with Ajagba. Ajagba tossed all power shots to the head of Cojanu and Cojanuwent down on his knee once again. The referee saw enough and waived off the battle. The time of the blockage was 2: 46 of round 9.

Ajagba scored another stoppage and versus his most difficult opponent approximately date. It was an outstanding efficiency from Ajagba. Not just did he show his power once again however we saw a various wrinkle in his game Ajagba boxed well throughout the battle. He utilized his jab well and kept a high guard. He also mixed his attack with body shots that ultimately broke down Cojanu.

In the opening bout of the telecast, Frank “The Cuban Flash” Sanchez (15 -0, 11 KO’s) controlled Joey “Tank” Dawejko (20 -8 -4, 11 KO’s) to make a 10 round consentaneous decision The opening round was a feel outround Both people began utilizing their jabs. Sanchez out landed Dawejko on jabs in the round 2, Sanchez continued to remain busy with his jab while Dawejko relied just on his defense Sanchez landed a couple of straight right-hand men to the body and head of Dawejko in round 3. Dawejko was still lingering to land a counter while speaking with his opponent At the end of the round, Sanchez landed a left jab that popped the head of Dawejko. In round 4, Dawejko made a modification of stepping forward, however Sanchez did not let him get in close. Sanchez utilized his left jab well and revealed great side to side motion. Sanchez landed a great right-hand man on the head of Dawejko in round 5. The fighters wound up bumping heads which cut Dawejko’s left eye. In round 6, Sanchez continued to move and box while Dawejko was simply following Sanchez around. Dawejko was coming forward in round 7 however was ineffective. In round 8, Dawejkocame forward and attempted to get close once again. He landed a body shot on Sanchez however it was inadequate. Sanchez continued to popDawejko with left jabs and directly right-hand men. Sanchez began to land mixes in round 9. At the end of the round, Sanchez landed a right-hand man on the head of Dawejko and Dawejko landed a fast counter right-hand man on the head of Sanchez. In the final round, Dawejko had a much better round and got closer to Sanchez. In the within, Dawejko landed a couple of body shots and Sanchez kept boxing and moving. The final scores of the battle were 98-92, and 100-90 (two times) all for Sanchez.

It was a great win for Sanchez who showed great boxing abilities. He out boxed and beat a resilient opposition in Dawejko. Sanchez did not get a knockout however Dawejko is a goon with a great chin. We must see Sanchez versus a harder opponent in his next outing.

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