Mikey Garcia Defeats Jessie Vargas, Chocolatito Stops Khalid Yafa


A full house of 10,000 fans were on hand at The Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas. Matchroom Boxing provided a stacked card that streamed 7 battles on DAZN. The main event and the 2 world title battles on the card were anticipated to be action jam-packed battles on paper. It ended up being simply that.

In the main event, Mikey Garcia (40 -1, 30 KO’s) succeeded this time around at his second battle as a welterweight. He won the uninhabited WBC Diamond Welterweight Title with a twelve round consentaneous decision over Jessie Vargas (29 -3 -2, 11 KO’s). The opening round was an excellent round for Vargas. He utilized the jab well throughout the round He likewise landed great right-hand man and left hooks on Garcia Round 2 was another great round for Vargas. He was landing great jabs and right-hand men. Garcia was moving on however he was not letting his hands go. Things warmed up in round 3. Garcia stepped forward with hard jabs however Vargas landed hard jabs too. Garcia had the ability to land a right-hand man to the head of Vargas however Vargas counter back with a left hook to the jaw of Garcia There was great action from both fighters in round 4. Vargas was still reliable with the jab. In round 5, Garcia lastly got the rate and landed a right-hand man that harmed Vargas. Vargas got up and Garcia opted for the finish however Vargas endured the round Garcia continued to remain busy in round 6, while Vargas was still attempting to recuperate. In round 7, Garcia had an excellent round supporting Vargas with his left jab and landing directly right-hand men. A hard right-hand man from Garcia hurt Vargas at the end of the round The rate decreased in round 8 however it was still an excellent round for Garcia Vargas looked more exhausted.

In round 9, Garcia slowed his rate as Vargas stepped forward. Garcia still out handed Vargas in the round Vargas revealed durability in round 10. He combated much better and supported Garcia Garcia still landed the much better mixes of the 2 fighters in the round Vargas had an excellent return in round eleven. He did a much better task of pressing back Garcia while Garcia was less active. In the final round, both fighters provided a strong finish and the round was close. At the end, the final scores were 114-113, 116-111 (two times) all for Garcia.

Vargas had a fantastic start to the battle. Garcia who’s called a slow-started got the rate and took control of the battle. Vargas returned a little in the late rounds however it was insufficient. It was a strong win for Garcia however he had a hard battle. Vargas was as difficult as they come. What’s next for both fighters? For Garcia, he will remain in the welterweight division as he beat a strong welterweight and the larger battles are there for him. Like the broadcasters pointed out, a prospective battle with Manny Pacquiao would be more ideal for Garcia For Vargas, anticipate him to see him in another big battle as he constantly puts an excellent getaway.

In the co-feature, former pound for pound king Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (49 -2, 41 KO’s) returned to restore his crown. He won the WBA World Super Flyweight Title by a ninth-round TKO over Khalid Yafai (26 -1, 15 KO’s). Both fighters got to an excellent start in the opening round Yafai began to box well utilizing his jab and landing fast mixes. Gonzalez began his body attack towards completion of the round Round 2 was an excellent round for Gonzalez. Yafai remained in the within with Gonzalez and traded with him. Gonzalez worked well to the body and landed an excellent right-hand man on Yafai. Gonzalez likewise landed a left uppercut that troubled Yafai. In round 3, Yafai stood his ground and traded with Gonzalez. He landed more punches in the round however Gonzalez was likewise landing great shots. Two times in the round, the mouthpiece came out of Yafai throughout exchanges. Gonzalez got the attack in round 4. He landed great mixes to the head and body of Yafai. Gonzalez blended his attack with uppercuts and hooks. Gonzalez kept his unrelenting attack in round 5. Gonzalez ripped shots to the head and body of Yafai. Yafai was required to hold at one point due to the build-up of punches. Gonzalez kept his high work rate in round 6. Yafai traded and stood with Gonzalez however he was wearing. Gonzalez got cut on his ideal eye by a clash of heads in the round In round 7, Gonzalez was supporting Yafai. Gonzalez continued his attack and Yafai looked extremely tired. Yafai then chose to trade with Gonzalez in the 8thround He landed a right-hand man that snapped Yafai’s head back. A barrage of punches dropped Yafai. Yafai handled to get up and finish the round In round 9, Gonzalez landed a big right-hand man on the chin of Yafaithat dropped him on his back. The referee began the count however then waived off the battle after Yafai might not continue. The blockage took place at 29 seconds of the ninth round.

Yafai chose to make the most of his size and trade shots with the smaller sized Gonzalez. Yafai had some success early on however combated Gonzalez’s battle. The concern of whether Gonzalez was completed was addressed rapidly. Gonzalez revealed why he is among the true greats in boxing and is now a world champ once again. The super flyweight division is stacked. The most appealing defend Gonzalez would be a rematch in between him and Juan Francisco Estrada. Gonzalez beat Estrada back in2012 Now, Estrada is the Lineal champ of the division The rematch would be a fantastic battle. When it comes to Yafai, he can take the loss as a knowing lesson and recuperate from it. He revealed a great deal of heart and the desire to go toe to toe with the dangerousGonzalez.

In an amusing battle, Julio César Martinez (16 -1, 12 KO’s) kept his WBC World Flyweight Title by a twelve round consentaneous decision over Jay Harris (17 -1, 9 KO’s). In the opening round, Harris left for an excellent start by developing his jab. Martinez closes the space landing mixes to the head of Harris. Harris had an excellent round 2. He landed great right-hand man to the head of Martinez. Martinez closed the round with a fast right hook. There were great mixes from both fighters in round 3. Harris landed fast straight punches to the head of Martinez while Martinez landed great body punches on Harris. Round 4 was an excellent action round Harris continued with straight punches to the head of Martinez. Martinez fired back with hard body shots. The rate was unrelenting from both fighters in round 5. Martinez overcame the exchanges and continued his body attack Harris had an excellent return in round 6. He landed the much better punches in the round while Martinez was still working the body of Harris. In round 7, Martinez began fast with a right-hand man that harmed Harris. Martinez then entered and worked the body of Harris. Harris completed the round strong with great mixes to the head and body of Martinez. The rate decreased a bit in round 8. Harris showed fast mixes to the head of Martinez. The action selected back up in round 9. Martinez left with fast mixes to the head and body Harris stood his ground though and resisted. In the opening of round 10, Martinez captured Harris with a left hook and after that the best hook to the body that put him down. Harris got up and did an exceptional task resisting in the round, although he was harmed. Round eleven was an excellent round for Harris as he boxed and moved well. The final round was a slower rate for both fighters. The action got in the end. Both fighters closed the show at the end with both of them tossing a barrage of punches at each other. In the end, the final scores were 118-109, 116-111, and 115-112 all for Martinez. He supplied another thrilling defend the fans and revealed why he is among the most action loaded fighters to view. Martinez made the first effective defense of his title. Now, it will be time for Martinez to merge with the other belt holders of the division When It Comes To Jay Harris, he looked fantastic and he provided an excellent account of himself. He went toe to toe with Martinez taking the battle to the range. We will see Harris once again soon.

Former heavyweight champ Joseph Parker (27 -2, 21 KO’s) succeeded in his return. He TKO Shawndell Terell Winters (13 -3, 12 KO’s) in the 5th round Parker began fast in the opening round and tossed hard jabs to withdraw Winters. Towards completion of the round, Parker landed an excellent left hook on Winters. In round 2, Parker had another great round He supported Winters to the ropes with stiff jabs and directly right-hand men. Parker continued landing hard right-hand men on Winters in round 3. A substantial right-hand man from Parker dropped Winters towards completion of the round Winters got up and endured the round In round 4, Parker pressed back Winters. Nevertheless, Wintersfought well in the round. Parker suffered a cut on his ideal eye from a left hook from Winters. In round 5, Winters began strong and stepped forward. Parker then landed a hard right-hand man that harmed Winters. Parker followed it up with a 3 punch mix. A right-hand man, left hook, and a right-hand man that dropped Winters once again. Winters handled to get up however ran out it. The referee called the combat at 2: 40 of round 5.

Parker did what he was expected to do and stopped his opponent It was an excellent return to defend Parker. Seek to see him next in a more considerable battle next.

Decorated amateur Israil Madrimov (5-0, 5 KO’s) continued his knockout streak. He scored a TKO in the 6th round over Charlie Navarro (29-10, 22 KO’s) in a super welterweight bout. In the opening round, Madrimov revealed a bit of whatever. He boxed well moving side to side He landed right-hand men to the head and straight punches to the body of Navarro. In round 2, Madrimov landed a left hook that buzzed Navarro. In round 3, Navarro was focusing on landing a counter punch on Madrimov however was unable to do it. Madrimov did an excellent task landing directly body punches on Navarro. Madrimovlooked for the knockout in round 4. He landed a right-hand man that harmed Navarro. He tossed left hooks to the body and head of Navarro. Navarro looked like he was all set to go however he awaited difficultly. In round 5, Navarro landed an excellent counter punch to the body of Madrimov however it was his only minute. Madrimovtook over the round and landing mixes. Madrimovcontinued his attack in round 6. He went to the body of Navarro which settled. He landed a left hook to the body that dropped Navarro. Navarro was difficult and gamed as he got up. Madrimov pursued him and landed a right-hand man to the head. Navarro dropped and the referee called the combat. The blockage came at 2: 24 of round 6.

In the super middleweight division, Diego Pacheco (9-0, 7 KO’s) remained unbeaten and controlled Oscar Riojas (21-13 -1, 10 KO’s) to make a 6 round consentaneous decision Riojas came out being the assailant in the opening round while Pacheco was keeping his range. Pacheco came forward and landed ideal hands to the head of Riojas. In round 2, Pacheco continued to strike Riojas with hard right-hand men to the head. Riojas was reaching with his punches on the taller Pacheco, however, he might not land anything considerable. Pacheco continued to remain busy in round 3. Riojas revealed an excellent chin however was still having a tough time getting in. Pacheco kept the pressure in round 4 and Riojas kept backing up. In round 5, Riojas began the round stepping forward and he tossed a couple of hooks to the body however absolutely nothing landed. Pacheco landed a hard right-hand man that stunned Riojas. In the final round, Pacheco landed a big right-hand man that wobbled Riojas. Pacheco opted for the finish and landed mixes to the head of Riojas however he endured the round The final scores were 60-54, all for Pacheco.

In the opening bout of the DAZN telecast, Alexis Espino (6-0, 4 KO’s) stayed unbeaten. He beat Delvecchio Savage (3-6-1, 3 KO’s) by a 6 round consentaneous decision in a super middleweight contest. The opening round was a sensation out round It was a close round where Savage landed a great straight left hand on Espino and after that Espino landed an excellent left hook on Savage. Espino opened more in round 2 and he landed the more and reliable punches in the round Espino utilized his jab effectively. Espino had an excellent round 3. He landed great jabs and right-hand men on the head of Savage. Round 4 was an excellent action round Espino landed great body punches in the round and likewise landed great uppercuts. Savage revealed an excellent effort resisting however Espino landed the much better punches. In round 5, Espino let his mixes go to the head and body of Savage. Savage was exhausted and bloodied however resisted in areas. In the final round, Espino tossed all the power shots and opted for the knockout. Savage revealed durability and resistance. Espino continued with hard body shots and uppercuts on Savage. The final scores were 60-54, 59-55 (two times), all for Espino.

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