The IAEA reports a new Iranian violation of the nuclear agreement


A report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, seen by Reuters on Friday, indicated a new Iranian violation of the nuclear agreement concluded by Tehran with world powers
on the same day that those countries met to revive the agreement, which will likely increase tension with Western governments.

The agency has avoided explicitly accusing Iran of violating the agreement, but it usually sends such “special” reports to member states only in the event of violations.

Two diplomats told Reuters that what the report described Amounts to a new violation. The violation relates to what is officially counted within Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium.

After the announcement of the nuclear agreement in 2015, the signatory countries specified what could be classified as an increase in the stockpile and excluded Items such as scrap fuel plates loaded with uranium enriched to a degree near 20 percent are described as “wasted.”

However, Friday’s report mentioned that Iran has recovered some of these materials.

A sensitive time

Despite the small amount of enriched uranium, it amounts to a new violation of the agreement at a sensitive time, especially in light of the participation of Tehran and the United States in talks Indirectly in Vienna, with the aim of exploring ways for the two sides to return to full compliance with the nuclear agreement.

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