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This year, ComputerWorld will hold its traditional security conference, SecWorld, on April 14, 2021. The online professional event due to the pandemic examines the threats that have emerged in cyberspace, exploiting and abusing protection measures. In Government IT and Homeland Security, as well as Corporate IT Security and Home Office Blocks, renowned professionals showcase the dangers and new challenges facing companies, remote employees, and users who work from home. You can register for the free but registration event here>>>

First, the director of the National Cyber ​​Defense Institute, Dr. Balázs Bencsik , in the presentation of Cyber ​​Incidents during Quarantine, Government Bodies in the Crosshairs talks about how cybercriminals they try to exploit it with different attack methods. It is very important that they use deceptive techniques based on the increased interest of the people, which may continue to be a good basis for them in their attacks on the pandemic in the near future. In 2020, but already this year, several large-scale cyber attacks and threats appeared in Hungary, which require special attention and treatment. But what makes an attack attempt successful? This can be answered by the research carried out by the NKI, the Cyber ​​Security Health Survey of Hungary

Szilárd Török , a cyber investigator, shows the conference participants that What data, logins, codes do cybercriminals trade on the black market, and what effect does this have on Hungary, and within it on the government sector ? The experiences of cyber intelligence in Hungary are shocking, so it is very important to know what services are developing in Hungary in this regard. But will the audience also get an answer to what interests and goals may lie behind government DDOS attacks and how do we defend against them? IBFs (IT security officers) are strongly recommended to give a presentation, as they focus on the environment in which they have to survive and comply at the same time.

Head of the central IT security division of IdomSoft Zrt., Károly Kincses will give a lecture on cyber security and data protection . This is a very important issue, as the technological renewal of companies and the digitalisation of processes have accelerated in the epidemic and quarantine situation, and accordingly, current issues of cyber security have received a new focus. Mass deployment of cloud-based IT services and technical support for telecommuting have been major steps in addressing the problems caused by the epidemic. In addition, new types of risks have emerged that pose a challenge to security professionals

Krisztián Hári , Head of Technology and Cyber ​​Security at Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt. Government in Crossfire – Are Attackers Aware of the Emergency? shows that the shift in the day-to-day operation of the government towards digitalisation and the growing focus on e-government greater public interest in creating a huge opportunity for cybercriminals to do more effective, cheaper and more widespread harm, while placing a significant burden on cyber security professionals. It reviews international and domestic attack trends, events and focuses on defensive opportunities

In the second block Jens Bothe , OTRS AG Global Consulting Director will talk about the five most common data security risks experienced by companies . The World Economic Forum identifies cyber-attacks, data fraud and data theft as a priority risk at the global level. The failure of the EU-US data protection shield, the hesitant introduction of LGPD in Brazil (compared to the European Data Protection Basic Regulation) and the increasingly widespread work in the form of a home office provide reasons for a better understanding of the importance of data protection.

after Ferenc Vaspöri , IT Security expert of Invitech ICT Services Kft. presents the digital side effects of the coronavirus . Interestingly, the general suggestion so far is not to post pictures on vacation on various social media channels, as this could make you a potential target for burglars while you are not at home. However, at present almost everyone works from home and only very few have the opportunity to travel. The burglars are still working. True, it is now that we are at home

The stepchild of cyber security, secure password management Árpád Boldog , the managing director of Moresimp Kft., Presents to the audience. It is very important to talk about this, as 2021 is projected to be a year of extortion virus attacks based on artificial intelligence. Just think that in the 2020 Sunburst / FireEye attack series, a weak FTP password made it possible to break into. If they had used a proper corporate password management solution (, they might have avoided the trouble. It is therefore important to make stakeholders (business owner, company manager, IT manager, IT manager) aware that a simple solution can significantly improve the level of IT business continuity.

lamb, in which the wolf will give a lecture Zsolt Kertay , the key account manager of Bravogroup Rendszerház Kft., analyzing that while nowadays the security of our systems it is a constant topic, but the security of the whole system depends on its weakest link. Can we stand idly by to make the periphery get to the periphery safely? Over the past year, our prints and scans have moved into our home office with us. Is it possible to maintain the same expected level of security at home as within the protection of the company?

You can’t miss SecWorld Csaba Krasznay , NKE Cyber ​​Security Research Institute head of institute who examines the parallel between teleworking and information security based on the experience of the pandemic. No wonder, since a year ago, half the world literally experienced what it’s like to work and study at home. However, the many positive experiences are greatly bitter by the experiences that have brought cyberspace threats into home workrooms more than ever before. The presentation shows how old and new threats have arisen from teleworking and how companies have adapted to the information security risks of teleworking.

Each section is followed by an exciting roundtable discussion, moderated by Arthur East, where there are questions for the speakers that are worth taking advantage of!

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