The Cairo Dialogue … a Palestinian agreement on a code of honor and respect for the election results


The Palestinian factions participating in the Cairo dialogue, which began today, Tuesday, in the Egyptian capital, and will continue for a period of two days, agreed to sign a code of honor related to the stages and conduct of the electoral process, and to respect the election results.

The meeting agreed to fully abide by the instructions. The Election Commission with regard to the conduct of the electoral process in a manner that achieves transparency and integrity, respecting the role of the police in securing the elections, as well as the role of international observers, and the obligation to maintain the principle of secrecy of the vote, commitment to publicity and not to stir up strife.

And the Palestinian factions agreed with the Central Elections Committee not to consider judgments against the background of the division, except for matters related to public morals, corruption and drugs, as they agreed on Steps for security and judicial oversight, one security and justice reference, and the immunization of the representatives of the next Legislative Council.

During the dialogue sessions on Wednesday, the participants will discuss the status of the National Council and the PLO, the mechanisms for forming the new National Council and the number of its members.

The sessions began in Cairo on Tuesday morning The Palestinian dialogue with the participation of the majority of the factions, led by Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Democratic Front to discuss the files of the legislative general elections and the stage for the National Council, arranging the status of the Liberation Organization, issues of security, detainees, and the status of women and youth in the electoral process.

According to what Jibril Rajoub confirmed The leader of the Fatah movement told that the dialogue will include all files and sticking points in order to reach a consensual formula that will be a starting point for a new political and legislative life in a way that achieves the interest of the Palestinian people at home and abroad, indicating that the delegates are open to dialogue and everyone has a sincere and sincere intention to settle all disputes.

On the other hand, the Hamas delegation will discuss some details related to the elections, the security aspect, and how to prepare for the elections, while the other factions will focus on how to choose a preparatory committee to form the National Council in proportion to the Palestinian presence abroad and how to proceed. This process, as well as the establishment and arrangement of the PLO and the development of a real roadmap leading to effective Palestinian institutions that end the state of division.

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