Advice from Micro Focus experts on how to manage your services

Sandra Loyd

Micro Focus experts point out that IT process management can be easily transferred to other units of organizations and their services, thus making it more transparent, efficient.

Large companies have been using ITSM (IT Service Management) systems for many years to properly manage IT services from design to design. and from design to commissioning to operation and supervision. These best practices make it work well, so it’s worth using them in other areas as well. According to Micro Focus experts, all large enterprise processes can be easily managed with a single advanced ITSM system, so there is no need for separate solutions and a multitude of data, tables and files managed in separate systems.


Each department needs to manage different services and processes. Without them, neither the HR, the legal and finance departments, nor the team responsible for education, security, sales, marketing, or even research and development can function. In many organizations, each department handles the procurement of related tools, which is becoming easier with easy-to-implement software services in a SaaS model. And the IT department typically only drops into the process when the division asks them to integrate the solution into the existing system. The end result, however, is that each department thinks and operates only in its own “silo,” and the IT infrastructure becomes extremely complex and difficult to manage.

A tool for everything

In this case, it would be useful if other IT processes could be managed with the ITSM system, which has already been proven for the management of IT services. For example, Micro Focus Service Management Autmation X provides an opportunity to extend ITSM practices to other departments.

The software allows organizations to create new applications for workflows very easily without programming knowledge. for any of their departments. The entire application can be freely customized to suit the needs of a particular division: fields, forms, business rules, processes, notifications, and custom actions, among other things, can be individually customized, and previously used data can be easily imported.

So for example an HR department can manage onboarding processes much more easily through this system. They don’t have to keep data and tasks in separate spreadsheets and send emails, but can store and manage everything in one solution

The solution will streamline processes across the organization, making it easier for users to navigate , they must request and use a service from any department. The system also helps to automate as many processes as possible. This allows each division to focus much more on its own operations and business value creation rather than managing individual services and processes. And automation not only reduces the workload, but also minimizes the possibility of human error. The analytical and reporting capabilities of the tool help to improve the services and the user experience.

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