Spain: Bitbase opens its first franchise for the sale of bitcoin in Barcelona

Sandra Loyd

The BitBase firm, which aspires to become a cryptocurrency bank, opened its first franchise in Spain on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, which will be located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, in Barcelona.

This was reported by the CEO and founder of BitBase, Álex Fernández, through a statement that his company sent to the editorial staff of CriptoNoticias.

According to the press release, this startup currently has 17 stores and has 25 cryptocurrency ATMs. On these sites, and also from its website, you can buy and sell bitcoin, ether, litecoin, XRP, Dash and dogecoin, among many other cryptocurrencies.

After the opening of 17 stores in Spain, it is the first time that they bet on the franchise model. In this regard, Fernández commented the following:

There is more demand from customers who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies than we can absorb. It is the only formula we have found to be able to supply and cover this need that society is experiencing.

Up front from the store in Barcelona will be Alberto Duaso , a 28-year-old young man with experience in the world of law, who has decided, as he himself says, «to immerse himself in entrepreneurship to take on new challenges ».

The new franchisee said:« Taking this step is always complicated: there is fears, insecurities, uncertainties, but I have friends and family, people of my total confidence who support me, and a consolidated brand such as BitBase ».

Anyone can be a BitBase franchisee

Fernández explained that Duaso’s example It can serve as a guide for other young people who, like him, are willing to undertake. The CEO of the Spanish firm points out that anyone who wants to join the BitBase family as a franchisee can do so.

«With an investment of approximately 50,000 euros and a month of intensive training, you will already have a key in hand”. Fernández estimates that, in one year, the franchisee will have fully recovered its initial investment.

Fernández: Blockchain technology is Internet 3.0. Source: Álex Fernández /

Added the CEO of BitBase that, if a person She is interested in being a franchisee of the company, “you just have to contact us, have some knowledge in cryptocurrencies, explain why the location and its connection with it and show that it fits with everything the brand asks for. We will always respect the zones, so that we will never allow the opening of another franchise or our own store that could step on yours. ”

According to the statement, until last year BitBase had added 13,432 new clients and made 18,643 transactions in which 3,632 bitcoins were moved. It is considered the Spanish company with the most cryptocurrency ATMs and its purpose is to facilitate access to this seemingly complex universe for any ordinary person, thank you to an easy, fast and safe service.

Bitcoin price «not a bubble»

The press release states that if someone bought 100 euros in Bitcoin in 2015, they could now sell them for more than 18,000. The main cryptocurrency by market capitalization has grown by 95.42% in 2021 (until March 23), going the value of 1 BTC from being worth 24,035.6 to 46,970.1 euros.

To people who still do not believe in the growth of cryptocurrency and who continue to think that it is a bubble, each day closer to bursting, the CEO of BitBase sent the following message: «They probably said the same thing five years ago and now look how things are. ”

Álex Fernández acknowledges that bitcoin is very volatile, and also that certain aspects of its price formation are similar to those of a bubble. However, he argues, “it is transparent, decentralized and the decentralized finance system (DeFi) and its dissemination is what makes it difficult for it to explode, since it does not depend on any central body.”

In his opinion, “blockchain technology is Internet 3.0” and this startup (BitBase), which already jumped on the wave years ago, is not willing to stop surfing it.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, this company was founded in Barcelona in 2018. The company already has 25 ATMs and Tellers in Spain. Although most of the devices are in Barcelona, ​​ it is already possible to find them in Valencia and Madrid.

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