Smooth online training with Micro Focus Desktop Containers

Sandra Loyd

They had to ensure, almost overnight, the right technological conditions and the constant availability of applications for education. According to Micro Focus experts, enterprise IT technologies such as desktop containers and application streaming can alleviate these difficulties.

For a year now, it has been generally accepted by most companies that moreover, in many places, the home office has become mandatory, and in educational institutions, traditional, extracurricular, digital, and mixed education vary depending on the current epidemic situation. Creating the IT foundation for online learning is not easy, but it is absolutely necessary because the digital world will remain a part of our lives in the future. Following the epidemic, online interfaces are expected to continue to play a major role in various educational institutions, from primary and secondary schools to higher education institutions to language schools or workplace learning environments.

Teacher, please… continuous availability

One of the most common challenges for IT professionals is to ensure that all users have continuous access to the online learning support systems used at the institution and to the virtual classroom applications such as the CRET Digital Collaboration Space, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, ClassDojo, Edmodo or the #school and NEO LMS platforms.

These are not just video-based lessons but also provide an opportunity for classroom collaboration and liaison between teachers and students, or even parents where appropriate. These platforms are also used to store content and to share, view and edit learning materials. In addition, instructors can manage the various activities and tasks within the interfaces, and administration, evaluation, and performance monitoring take place here as well.

Tips from the corporate side: container and stream

Most school IT professionals were not prepared to operate and support such an infrastructure overnight. In such cases, it can be helpful to see what solutions companies are using to address these issues. Micro Focus experts say technologies such as desktop containers and application streamlining simplify these tasks.

Using Micro Focus Desktop Containers, desktop containers can be created and secured for applications that can easily run. without users having to perform complicated installation operations or affect software previously installed on their machine. This way, there are no compatibility or application conflict issues, and any firewall protection is no problem. The software works on any Windows device, be it a corporate laptop; a device provided by the school to the student; from an employee’s private computer, which he also uses for work; or just a student from their own home computer. The solution also includes a web-based portal that allows IT professionals to easily make applications available to users from anywhere. device to the application. As a result, like Netflix, applications are easily accessible through the Desktop Containers Application server, not only from Windows machines, but also from Macs, iOS, Android, Chromebooks and other devices.

Combining these two technologies it will be easier for students to access the applications they need for their studies and teachers will be able to provide consistent education more easily.

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