Right of Reply from Hong Kong Economic and Trade Affairs to EU office

Sallie Anderson

Thank you for your interest in HongKong We appreciate various views and discuss the National Security Law. If such views and remarks are evidence-based, it will be practical.

We would like to mention some truths to allow your readers to type notified viewpoint.

The Hong Kong Unique Administrative Area (HKSAR) is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and a regional administrative area which delights in a high degree of autonomy and comes straight under the Central People’s Federal government.

As the highest organ of state power in the PRC, the National People’s Congress has the constitutional power and responsibility to enact national law to protect national security in the HKSAR (i.e. the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Unique Administrative Area (the National Security Law) embraced on June 30) and to use it to Hong Kong by promulgation in accordance with the arrangements of the Basic Law.

The goal of the National Security Law is to bring back stability to HongKong


It targets 4 particular acts and activities, particularly, secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign countries and external forces to threaten national security.

In the past year, tranquil presentations in Hong Kong have actually been pirated by radicals triggering enormous vandalism.

The nature of tranquil presentation has actually eventually altered into a motion for the self-reliance of HongKong It is an indisputable truth that numerous regular Hong Kong homeowners and the business neighborhood are worn out of the continued social discontent.

It protests the aforementioned background that the national security is presented.

The National Security Law is carried out by the Hong Kong Authorities and cases are to be adjudicated by the independent judiciary in HongKong


The Application Rules made and gazetted by the HKSAR Federal government, which has actually ended up being efficient on 7 July 2020, consists of safeguards and treatments to ensure that enforcement action is in proportion and really satisfy of protecting national security.

Just under really unusual and severe scenario when there is an impending hazard to national security and when it is beyond the capability of HKSAR to protect national security will the Mainland Chinese authorities use up enforcement actions.

It is plainly specified under Short article 4 of the National Security Law that the concept of appreciating and safeguarding human rights will be supported in protecting national security.

The genuine rights of Hong Kong people to exercise their flexibility of speech, of journalism, of assembly, of presentation, and of procession in accordance with the Basic Law and the arrangements of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ought to not be jeopardized.

It is nevertheless appropriate to keep in mind that under those International Covenants, it is plainly specified that specific standard rights and flexibilities of people can be limited through legislation for the function of protecting national security.

The National Security Law will not weaken “One Country, Two Systems”, the high degree of autonomy, judicial self-reliance and the guideline of law of HongKong


National security law exists in numerous western countries.

No doubt national security is a delicate concern and there are doubts on how a brand-new piece of legislation will be carried out. Time will inform. Hong Kong will continue to be a complimentary and open economy linking the world to Mainland China.

Yours consistently,

Eddie Cheung

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