Nvidia increases prices on Geforce Now

Adrian Ovalle
Nvidia has increased the prices of Geforce Now from 4.99 euros to 9.99 euros per month. The company shares that in a blog post.

The reason for the price increase is approaching a ‘new milestone’, 10 million users. This means that the paid version of the cloud gaming service, previously called the Founders plan, is now called Priority. However, members with a Founders account will continue to pay $ 4.99 per month until the subscription is canceled.

The free version of the service will also remain available, that allows game sessions of up to one hour. On the other hand, there are benefits such as priority over Nvidia’s servers and ray tracing support for Priority members.

With update 2.0.28, Nvidia wants stream quality in multiple ways. improve. For example, frame rates are synchronized with a 60Hz or 59.94Hz server to reduce delay and a new technique must ensure higher bitrates.

Geforce Now launched the beginning 2020 official and makes it possible to stream your own games from stores such as Steam via the cloud. Publishers must give permission for this per game.

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