Ninjas In Pajamas CS: GO Team Releases Twist

Derrick Santistevan
Simons “twist” Eliasons | photo: “WIN”

It was announced today that the cooperation between Simon “twist” Eliasson and “Ninjas In Pajamas” “CS: GO” team was terminated. Sweden joined the NiP unit in September 2019 when it moved from another Swedish unit, Fnatic.

It is estimated that the reason why his and the team’s paths diverged is the player’s poor statistics for the last six months, which were below the average. “We have decided to end our contract with Twist so that he can find a new team for the work the player has put in here,” Jonas Gundersen, CEO of Ninjas In Pajamas, told Twitter.

The player has announced that his future is uncertain, but he longs to continue playing. In addition to NiP and Fnatic, Twist has played in SK, LGB and GODSENT. It is not yet known who will replace the player who left the team, but most likely it will be Eric “ztr” Gustafson, who is currently performing the “stand-in” function in the unit

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