Latvian national team defender Maksimenko leaves Japan and returns to Slovenia

Derrick Santistevan
Vitālijs Maksimenko,
Vitaly Maksimenko Photo: SPS

The defender of the Latvian national football team Vitalijs Maksimenko has returned to the Slovenian club “Olimpija” in Ljubljana, the team informs. A contract with the 30-year-old footballer has been signed until the end of this season. Maksimenko left the “Olympia” team in January last year and moved to Japan, representing the rising sun land after the force of the second league unit Omi “Ardia”. In Japan, Maksimenko played in 17 games.

Latvian footballer joined the team “Olimpija” in July 2018 and as a member of the “dragons” participated in 52 games, scoring two goals in total. The defender helped the team to triumph in the Slovenian Cup last year. Before playing in Slovenia, he spent the season in the Polish Premier League team Termidica in Nizhny Novgorod, but before that, the Latvian defender played for less than two years in the Austrian club Mattersburg. In 2015, he played a couple of matches in the Latvian team “Liepāja”.

In January 2013, Maksimenko joined England’s second league – “Championship” – Brighton’s “Albion” team, coming from Latvian team Riga “Skonto”, however, as a member of the club, he went to the field in only three matches.

He was later hired to Jovila Town for England’s third league, League One, at the time helping to earn a promotion to the Championship. The defender spent almost the entire following season on the Scottish team “Kilmarnock”, but was later hired to the Netherlands’ second strongest league, Venlo VVV.

Maksimenko has played 51 games in the Latvian national team, scoring one goal. He made his debut in the national team in February 2013. While playing in Japan, he did not have the opportunity to help the Latvian national team in the UEFA Nations League matches. “Olympia” takes the second place in the tournament table after 19 rounds, three points behind “Maribor”

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