Man ‘with pistol’ shot by police in Wiltshire

Derrick Santistevan

A man has actually been shot by police examining reports of a heist inWiltshire

The man, who is in his 50 s, was shot in the leg by officers who were contacted us to Rivermead Industrial Estate in Westlea simply after 5pm on Tuesday.

He is thought to have actually been equipped with a pistol and had actually apparently taken a truck, Wiltshire Police stated.

The event has actually been described the IOPC

Witnesses stated officers had actually consistently asked the man to put his weapon down. When the shooting occurred,

Armed officers had actually stopped the truck in the Ridge Green location.

The hurt man was airlifted to health center and his injuries are not believed to be deadly.

The event has actually been described the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), as is basic when a gun is released by police.

Superintendent Phil Staynings stated: “I wish to assure the neighborhood that this event was handled promptly. No one else was hurt and the event is now consisted of.

” Nevertheless, people living in the location will have seen a heavy police existence, which will continue throughout the night.”

Forensic officers are at the scene

A representative for the IOPC stated private investigators have actually been sent out to the scene.

Regional resident Corey Battacchio, 17, stated he heard a “loud bang” from his bed room however at first believed it was a firework as “nothing like that ever happens around here”.

” At around 5: 30 pm, I heard many police sirens and 3 distributing helicopters, [one landed] so I went outside,” he stated.

Mr Battachio stated the man was stopped by police in an unmarked vehicle.

“He was shouted at many times by police to ‘put the gun down’ and therefore was shot… I was watching it from the window upstairs, but they were shouting loud at the guy as it seemed like he didn’t put the gun down immediately.”

The teen stated officers were screaming “put the gun down” for no longer than 30 seconds.

The roadway has actually been shut down and forensic officers are at the scene.

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