George Floyd: ‘Revolting that black people still treated like animals,’ says Trayvon Martin’s mother

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Travyon Martin’s mother has stated the killing of George Floyd shows black people are “still being treated like animals” and it is “disgusting”.

Sybrina Fulton informed Sky News it was “awful seeing what happened” to Mr Floyd in Minneapolis last month and it “brought memories back of my son and the tragic death that he had”.

Trayvon Martin was eliminated in 2012, with George Zimmerman cleared of killing the unarmed 17- year-old the list below year.

His death likewise triggered extensive demonstrations in the United States.

George Floyd was eliminated in cops custody in May. Picture: Shutterstock

Ms Fulton was speaking on the program Race and Transformation: Is Modification Going to Come?, which took a look at the concerns raised by the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, taking a look at institutional bigotry and how to repair it.

She stated it was “disgusting to know that we are still being treated like animals, like we’re three-fifths humans”.

She called the death of George Floyd in cops custody “heartbreaking” however was more favorable about the future following around the world anti-racism demonstrations over his killing.

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“I definitely feel like change is going to come. But we have to keep the pressure on,” stated Ms Fulton.

“And make sure we have laws in place to make sure we make the necessary changes, so people don’t continue to treat us a certain way.”

She stated it was a favorable sign that much of the anti-racism demonstrations were being led by young people.

“The difference I see now is a lot of young people are involved and that’s a plus,” she stated.

She stated of the presentations “united we stand”, including that they revealed “the voice of so many people from all walks of life”.

How can white people efficiently combat bigotry?

” It does not matter if you’re bad, middle class, abundant, if you’re informed or ignorant.

” We are all people and we must deal with each other appropriately.”

Ms Fulton likewise required everybody associated with the killing of Mr Floyd – who passed away after a white law enforcement officer, Derek Chauvin, put his knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds – to be held responsible.

Chauvin has actually been charged with second- degree murder, and the 3 other officers on scene throughout his killing were charged with abetting and assisting second- degree murder.

Likewise amongst the visitors on the Sky News program was British star David Oyelowo, who was chosen for a Golden World for his role as Martin Luther King in the film Selma.

David Oyelowo stated the show business was’ stunning’ when it concerns the representation of black people

He was damning of the show business, stating it was “disgraceful, shameful, shocking, statistically-speaking when it comes to the representation of black people”.

And he stated it was “doubly insidious” since a great deal of how the world soaks up culture and has a concept of what the world is, originates from TELEVISION and movie.

Mr Oyelowo likewise stated “racism in the UK, America and across the world is tied to systems of oppression that have existed for centuries”, including: “Britain has done a terrible job of educating society on who black people have been historically.”

However he was likewise more enthusiastic about the future.

‘ Who’s been asked where are you truly from?’

He stated: “I am exceptionally happy with my British heritage. I wish to take pride in being British and the Britain that it wishes to be moving forward. Britain requires to accept what it performed in the past.

” We, as black people in the United States and UK, we wish to share in the pie we assisted to develop. It’s not about supremacy, it’s not about vengeance, it has to do with sharing in what we assisted develop.”

Former universities minister Sam Gyimah stated he concurred with the elimination of the statue of servant trader Edward Colston in Bristol previously this month.

The former Tory MP, who is now a Liberal Democrat, stated he comprehended why protesters pulled it down however stated he protested vandalism.

Likewise, extremely all black members of the virtual studio audience stated they had actually dealt with bigotry and discrimination in their lives.

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