Major media platforms support E3 2021

Adrian Ovalle
Major media platforms like Gamespot and IGN support this year’s E3 programming. The Electronic Software Association announced this in a blog post.

Company announces that it is partnering with IGN, Future Games (PC Gamer, Gamesradar, PlayStation Magazine UK), Polygon, Gamespot, IGN China and Game Bonfire to ‘expand the reach of the event’.

The ESA says it will ‘integrate’ every media partner into the programming of the event. This means that online events like IGN Summer of Gaming , Future Games Show and the PC Gaming Show are matched.

“We are focused on ensuring that E3 remains the most innovative and collaborative event in the industry,” said ESA CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis. “Bringing in some of the biggest media partners is therefore crucial to a successful event.

Each partner plays an important role in reaching more fans than ever. With this year’s digital form, we are providing the public with exciting and unique ways to experience the magic of E3. ” and June 15th. The event is completely free to follow and is supported by Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft and other major publishers.

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