Investigation after man throws cat during Zoom meeting with colleagues

Adrian Ovalle

Authorities have actually released an investigation after a California preparation official tossed his cat during an online meeting with colleagues.

Chris Platzer remained in a Zoom video conference on 20 April when he held the animal up and stated: “First I’d just like to introduce my cat.”

He then tossed it approximately to the side as it screeched and might be heard landing with a thud.

Mr Platzer (bottom left) remained in a meeting with colleagues

Mr Platzer resigned from the Vallejo preparation commission on Monday following upset response to the video.

He was likewise seen drinking alcohol and swearing during the chat, according to The Vallejo Times-Herald.

“I did not conduct myself in the Zoom meeting in a manner befitting of a planning commissioner and apologise for any harm I may have inflicted,” Mr Platzer stated in his resignation letter.

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A declaration from city government authorities stated the former preparing officer was “seen exhibiting behaviour that does not model the core values of the city of Vallejo”.

It stated “many concerned citizens have reached out” over the cat’s well-being which Solano County Constable’s Office was beginning an animal well-being investigation.

Animal groups have actually informed regional media they will offer the cat a “loving home” if it is removed from Mr Platzer.

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