Avril Lavigne reached out to Justin Bieber over Lyme disease battle

Derrick Santistevan

Avril Lavigne when reached out to fellow Canadian popstar Justin Bieber over his battle with Lyme disease.

The vocalist is currently promoting her brand-new charity single We Are Warriors, which first appeared on her 2019 album Head Above Water as Warrior, though she has actually given that remodelled the track to show the continuous Covid-19 pandemic and to honour those dealing with the cutting edge.

Speaking to Home Entertainment Tonight about the principle, Avril shared that she was influenced to compose the tune following her discussions with Justin after reaching out to him to use her own individual recommendations about battling the disease.

“I just reached out like, ‘Yo, here for you if you need any advice. I can share my knowledge with you,'” she remembered.

” He appreciated of that, however I believe it appears like he is succeeding. He put out brand-new music and he had a trip.
” He is likewise a warrior conquering Lyme which was the entire motivation behind my song, Warrior,” the 35-year-old continued. ” Warrior and Head Above Water were the 2 first tunes I composed for this album since I was newly coming out of battling Lyme disease, so naturally that was what was on my heart. I like that I get to bring this out now and have it have an entire brand-new significance.”

Somewhere else in the chat, Avril gone over how she was self-isolating at home with buddies when she had the concept to upgrade the song in a quote to raise funds for the coronavirus relief efforts.

” We were talking (about) re-recording the song, so I rerecorded Warrior, altered it to We Are Warriors, in honour of all the frontline employees and everyone whos out there putting their lives at threat to keep us safe,” she commented. ” I desired to show them that they are valued since they are the true warriors and true heroes today. They are holding the world together.”

We Are Warriors is out now.

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