How Kaczyński ruined Poland, judges tell MEPs

Sallie Anderson

The truth Polish ruling party chairman Jarosław Kaczyński has actually been going to cemeteries, while no else can due to the pandemic, is a sign of the brand-new Poland, a leading European judge has actually stated.

Lockdown-flouting by authorities likewise occurred in the UK, where a leading assistant took a trip privately to seefamily


It has actually taken place in Austria, where its president was a bit late leaving a restaurant by the night curfew.

However the method Kaczyński has actually been doing it – numerous times, in convoys of limos, with his security entourage – revealed he believes that he is above the law and normal people, José Igreja Matos, the president of the European Association of Judges (EAJ) informed MEPs in the civil liberties committee by videoconference on Monday (25 Might).

The truth a popular song satirising Kaczyński, called “Your pain is greater than ours”, was made to vanish from public radio playlists is another sign of the brand-new Poland, a member of the Polish judges’ association, Iustitia, Joanna Hetnarowicz-Sikora, likewise stated.

The hearing was the most recent in a long, long line of European Parliament conferences regreting what Kaczyński has actually done to the Polish judiciary considering that his party, Law and Justice (PiS), concerned power in2015


The European Commission has actually likewise prompted lawsuit and activated a sanctions procedure to attempt to stop his crackdown on independentjudges


And some member states are eager to penalize Poland, in addition to Hungary and other EU democratic backsliders, with cuts in EU funds.

“If a judge loses his independence, he’s not a judge any more … he becomes a sort of legal expert,” Igreja Matos stated on Monday.

“Several countries in central and eastern Europe have dropped even the pretence of rule of law,” he stated.

“There’s a danger of a copy-paste phenomenon of what we’re seeing in Poland and Hungary to other member states,” Igreja Matos, who led a demonstrations of numerous judges from around Europe in Warsaw previously this year, likewise stated.

Kaczyński was now gradually alleviating lockdown steps, for example to permit wedding events.

However laws prohibiting more than 2 people to congregate in the street in demonstration rallies have actually remained in location, Hetnarowicz-Sikora kept in mind.

The pandemic had actually triggered “dystopian temptations” in Hungary and Poland, Igreja Matos added.

He priced quote middle ages Italian author Dante Alighieri to state among “the hottest places in hell” was booked for those who stayed neutral in times of crisis.

“We are in a rule of law crisis,” in Europe, Sophie in’t Veld, the EP rapporteur on Poland, likewise stated.

“Poland has become a travesty of democracy under PiS,” she added, listing likewise Kaczyński’s attacks on electoral standards, gay rights, women’s rights, and scholastic liberty in Poland as markers of how un-European it currently was.

Taken together, it revealed that PiS “did not want to be an EU member anymore”, she stated.

The judges and other liberal and left-wing MEPs in Monday’s talks advised the commission to accelerate legal action versus Warsaw and to slash Poland’s EU funds.

However the biggest EP group, the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), which counts Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban in its ranks, was material for the commission to keep “monitoring” the Polish circumstance to see what occurrednext


The Polish federal government, as normal, rejected misbehavior and stated the EU had no legal right to “interfere” on national judicial reform.

And it was supported, as normal, by reactionary and euroscepticMEPs


” We have actually ben discussing if for 4 years now and it appears that the Polish federal government does not care at all [what EU institutions think],” in’t Veld stated.

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