Govt needs to ban congregational prayers to avert mayhem, doctors urge

Sandra Loyd

— Physician urge govt to withdraw decision, state big celebration in mosques throughout Ramzan will have fatal results

Senior physician have actually revealed “strong reservations” over the federal government’s decision to permit congregational prayers to be kept in mosques and advised it to withdraw this decision due to the rising coronavirus cases.

A letter signed by doctors from Pakistan and abroad asked advised the federal government to restrict the prayers to 3-5 individuals as it had actually done formerly in view of the coronavirus break out, while thanking the federal government and ulema for establishing a agreement over the problem.

It has actually cautioned that with mosques throughout the nation being filled mainly by people over the age of 50, the danger of the infection dispersing is high. It stated videos that appeared in the past 48 hours had actually revealed that more than 80 percent of individuals going to prayers in mosques were mainly in their 60 s and 70 s.

“Clearly this has resulted in the violation of the first and foremost principle of preventing the spread of the virus in the most vulnerable group” of senior people, the letter specified.


“With Ramazan approaching, we would understandably expect higher number of namazis (worshippers) attending the prayers. Moreover, long Taraweeh prayers and waiting times will lead to prolonged gatherings. It is all but certain that this will cause significant mayhem, as the mosques practising social distancing will only be able to accommodate 20-25pc of the regular namazis, which will further worsen the situation,” it added.

Healthcare Facilities in Karachi have actually begun experiencing a “significant influx of corona positive patients”, it exposed, including, “We anticipate these numbers and resultant mortality to expand exponentially in the next few days.”

“This will undeniably result in significant pressure on our already compromised health system.”

The doctors described that increased direct exposure to the infection increases the probability of getting contaminated and, as a repercussion, of issues anddeath The letter feared that permitting congregational prayers would lead to such fatal results.

Recently, the federal government and ulema had actually reached a 20- point arrangement in which the federal government had actually given up to all needs of the clerics.

According to the 20- point arrangement, there will be no carpets in imambargahs and mosques. People will be motivated to bring their own prayer mats; social distancing will be observed; people will be encouraged to avoid conversations in mosques; mosques which have substances will hold prayers outside instead of inside the structure; ill and senior people will not come to mosques; Taraweeh plans will be made just on mosque properties, not on roadways; people will be motivated to provide Taraweeh at home; mosque floorings will be cleaned with chlorine disinfectants; prayer mats will likewise be sanitized with chlorine mix; congregational rows will be formed with a six-foot range in between worshippers; committees will be formed to ensure preventive actions are followed; ablution must be carried out at home; necessary using masks at mosques; no hugs or handshakes will be permitted; worshippers will avoid touching their faces; people will be motivated to carry out Aitekaf [prayers in isolation] at home; no preparations for sehri and iftar will be made in mosques; mosque administration will stay in contact with regional cops and comply with them; mosque administration and cops will be asked to ensure social distancing is preserved throughout prayers and the federal government can alter any part and review of its policy on mosques throughout Ramazan if these procedures are not followed or the rise in Covid-19 cases is rapid.

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