Coronavirus: Plane carrying protective equipment for health workers finally arrives from Turkey

Derrick Santistevan

A flight carrying individual protective equipment has actually shown up in the UK from Turkey, following days of hold-ups.

It has on board part of an 84- tonne load of equipment, that includes medical dress, urgently required by cutting edge health workers as they deal with COVID-19 clients in the UK.

The Royal Air Force plane came to Brize Norton in Oxfordshire from Istanbul simply after 3am.

The overall consignment is 84 tonnes, consisting of 400,000 medical dress, however it is not clear how much of this is on today’s flight.

A preliminary batch of simply 2,500 dress was sent out to the airport in Istanbul for quality assurance look at Tuesday.

Turkish authorities stated Britain’s effort to purchase the protective equipment from a Turkish company encountered problem since the provider did not have adequate stock.

Turkey’s ambassador to the UK, Umit Yalcin, informed Sky News: “As far as I comprehend there have actually been issues with the private provider business.

” Now Turkey is working together with the UK authorities to discover a fast option for the UK’s immediate requirements.

“Turkey assisted the UK by contributing 250,000 pieces of individual protective equipment recently and this time once again Turkey is attempting to assist the UK authorities to resolve this business problem.”

Real Estate Secretary Robert Jenrick had actually stated on Saturday that the equipment would show up the following day however 2 sources informed Sky News that no official demand was made to the Turkish authorities for aid up until Sunday.

Mr Yalcin validated that the UK “officially approached” the Turkish ministry of foreign affairs on 19 April.

At First, the problem was that the Turkish provider had actually not asked for consent from the health ministry to export the equipment, Turkish authorities stated. Due to the fact that of the coronavirus scenario,

This consent has actually been necessary considering that last month.

The authorities stated the Turkish authorities assisted the business use for the export license – something that was sent and cleared on Monday.

Turkey’s ambassador to the UK, Umit Yalcin, stated the UK approached Turkey recently

Then it emerged that the provider was not able to produce the anticipated items and the adequate volume however the Turkish ministry of health has actually now provided the UK to assist source the exceptional products.

The arrival of the protective equipment comes a day after the Department of Health validated a more 823 coronavirus-related deaths in UK healthcare facilities, taking the overall number to 17,337 Once it ends up being offered,

At least 2 other military airplanes are on standby to fly to Turkey to bring back PPE. Both were arranged to leave on Tuesday however that strategy has actually been postponed, a defence source stated.

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