Finally … the delinquent ship is moving towards the lakes


In the latest developments of the delinquent ship that occupied the world during the past few days, the giant container transport vessel “Evergiven” arrived at the Bitter Lakes region in the Suez Canal.

For his part, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie, confirmed, on Monday, the resumption of navigation traffic in the canal After the aground ship was floated again, denying previous information indicating that the towing operations had stopped due to the ship’s return to its old position masters the course of the canal following a change in the direction of the water current.

Navigation is returning

And the spring announced the return of navigation in the Suez Canal to its normal activity.

In a related context, the ship tracking site showed the vesselelfinder, the repositioning of the ship in Its main course and the resumption of maritime traffic.

It is scheduled to resume the maneuvers again with the rise of the water level to its maximum height from eleven thirty in the morning to 2 meters, allowing the ship’s course to be completely modified to be in the middle

“We will not change anything”

To that, the head of the Naval Training and Simulation Center revealed in The Suez Canal Authority, Eng. Sabry Nasr, told Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath on Monday that it is possible to change the convoy system for such exceptional cases in order to intensify transit rates, in reference to what happened in the ship stranding accident.

He added that the Suez Canal Authority does not intend to tighten or change the navigation standards followed by pilots to guide ships through the shipping course of the Suez Canal, expressing his complete satisfaction with the current standards.

A schedule for removing ships

It is noteworthy that the advisor to the Egyptian president for the affairs of the Suez Canal and ports projects, Mohab Mamish, had revealed in an interview with Al Arabiya today, Monday, that it had happened. The “Evergiven” ship, which was stuck in the canal, floated, and maintenance is being done on its site with the knowledge of its owner.

Mamish expected that navigation will return to normal in the canal within a week, and it is likely that the ship will need two or 3 days to sail to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

He also explained that the authorities are working on preparing a schedule to remove the ships stranded in the canal so that they can begin their exit in groups, the number of which is estimated at about 321 ships.

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