4iG can be DIGI

Sandra Loyd

4iG can continue its expansion in the domestic telecommunications market through a strategic acquisition, after concluding a preliminary – non-binding – agreement with the Romanian RCS & RDS consortium between DIGI Távközlési Szolgáltató Kft. And its subsidiaries, ie Invitel ZI and I TV Zrt. – announced 4iG on Monday

According to the announcement, DIGI is one of the leading telecommunications service providers in Hungary, Antenna Hungária to create a planned national telecommunications platform “.

With the transaction announced on the websites of the Budapest and Bucharest Stock Exchanges, 4iG would acquire a 100 percent stake in Hungary’s leading telecommunications and media services group. after the signing of the contract and the necessary official procedures until the end of September.

s According to the Information Broadcasting Authority, DIGI is the second largest player in the competition of pay-TV, broadband internet and fixed voice

The number of employees of the DIGI Group in Hungary exceeds 3,000. In 2020, its consolidated sales revenue was HUF 70 billion, and its adjusted EBITDA reached HUF 19 billion. DIGI has 61 and its subsidiary Invitel has 16 more customer service offices in major cities in Hungary.

“The successful completion of the acquisition will be a huge step for 4iG to gain a leading position in a new strategic industry. We intend to play an important role for DIGI in the creation of a national telecommunications platform planned jointly with Antenna Hungária, with which we can open a new chapter in the Hungarian telecommunications market, “said Gellért Jászai, President and CEO of 4iG. According to him, “the group also uses state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of terrestrial broadcasting, optical signal transmission and broadband Internet and fixed voice services. DIGI also has significant potential in the domestic mobile telecommunications market, as well as significant synergies in serving IT needs and developing common services. , and we see further growth opportunities. “

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