Fenerbahce hopes to raise money for Ezil's contract with the help of fans

Derrick Santistevan
Mesuts Ezils, sportazinas.com
Mesut Ezils | Photo: London Arsenal

Ali Korch, president of the Fenerbahce club in Istanbul, has called on fans to join forces to raise money to pay for part of Mesuta Ezil’s contract, reports Bild.

It has already been reported that a former German national footballer has left the London Arsenal, where he lost his seat to join the Fenerbahce. The contract has not been officially signed yet, it is likely that the contract will be signed on January 26.

“We have a request for the fans. Please continue to support us as we depend on your financial assistance. On the day Ezil makes the signature, I will ask you to set a record in the SMS campaign. Maybe 300 thousand, maybe 500, maybe even a million text messages – all this will help us a lot. And I know that later you will run to buy shirts with the name Mesuta, “said Korč.

With this campaign the club hopes to gather around two million euros. It is also planned that one million shirts with Ezil’s surname will be sold by the end of the year.

free agent. According to the information available to NBC Sports, a three-year contract with a salary of five million euros per season will be signed with the midfielder. He will also be paid a bonus of EUR 3 million.

The Istanbul Club is currently in huge financial trouble, with a debt of more than EUR 500 million. .

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