Egypt stipulated that Turkey recognize June 30, and Ankara agreed


In light of the Turkish courtship of Egypt and the attempts to resume relations between the two countries, Al-Arabiya sources reported that Cairo stipulated that Ankara recognize the June 30 Revolution, and the latter agreed, which is a severe blow to the Brotherhood.

To that. Turkish officials confirmed to the Egyptian side that the picture on June 30 was not clear, due to a number of Turkish advisors who wrongly described the photo, affirming their respect for the will of the Egyptians.

Turkish security officials also told Cairo that the period of the Brotherhood’s rule had many observations and that they practiced violence.

Egypt threatens to suspend communications.

During the negotiations, the details of which were not fully announced, Egypt made it clear that it was able to suspend communications at any time if the Turks did not comply.

The sources said that Ankara offered in the negotiations to hand over members of the Brotherhood’s youth in Turkey, but Cairo stuck to the names it requested, headed by Yahya Musa and Alaa Al-Samahi.

She added that Cairo considers the Brotherhood a terrorist group. An internal affair that you will not back down from, on condition that the political leadership and the institution be respected Sat and avoid commenting on any internal Egyptian affair for continuing contact with Turkey.

She pointed out that Egypt continuously evaluates “provocative” Turkish statements.

Interview A relative at the level of deputy ministers

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, announced yesterday, Tuesday, that a meeting at the level of deputy ministers will soon take place in Cairo.

He acknowledged for the first time publicly that his country had issued decisive warnings to some Egyptian opponents, especially those who made an extremist speech against Egypt, before the start of the normalization steps. ”

With regard to the exchange of ambassadors between Ankara and Cairo, the Turkish minister said,” Usually if You agree with a country, whether Egypt or others, to appoint an ambassador, and this will happen simultaneously, when relations reach a certain point, then there should be no problem in appointing ambassadors. ”

It came. These statements were made after the head of the parliamentary bloc of the ruling Justice and Development Party, Bulent Turan, announced on Tuesday that he submitted a proposal to Parliament for the establishment of a parliamentary friendship group with Egypt, according to the official Anadolu Agency. In a press statement, Turan said, “We will submit a proposal to the Parliament Speaker’s office to establish a friendship group between Turkey and Egypt.”

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