EA Confirms EA Accounts Involvement In FUT 21 Scandal

Adrian Ovalle
EA has confirmed the involvement of one or more EA accounts in the Fifa 21 Ultimate Team scandal.

Let the developer know in a update of the ongoing investigation. Last week several reports surfaced suggesting that Electronic Arts employees are illegally selling FIFA Ultimate Team tickets in exchange for thousands of dollars.

An ongoing investigation shows that several FUT cards are indeed obtained in a manner. In any case, according to reports, certain items were not obtained through gameplay.

“It appears that one or more EA Accounts directly assigned certain items to individual accounts. These EA Accounts may have been abused by employees, but they may also have been hacked,” writes Electronic Doctor.

The developer further writes that it does not and that it does not offer items for monetary sums. Such practices, according to EA, break the competitive integrity of the game and also go against the User Agreement.

The investigation is still ongoing , but once completed, EA will take action against the workers who have been involved in the illicit trade. In addition, all illegally obtained items will be removed and the players in question will be permanently banned.

Finally, EA states that it will temporarily ban all employees. disclaims the right to transfer items to player accounts.

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