Darknet Turns To Bitcoin Mixers As Exchanges Get Stricter

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The first 3 months of 2020 saw more bitcoin (BTC) sent out by darknet entities to mixers, and less to confirmation-required exchanges, discovered Crystal Blockchain, a research study arm of blockchain technology group Bitfury, suggesting criminal or dubious characters’ choice for confidential services.

Due in part to the mass adoption of BTC, its appeal and ease of usage, darknet entities are continuing to make use of the world’s top coin, said Crystal in their newest report.

A point highlighted by the report is that “bitcoin mixing services continue to grow in popularity thanks to their use by darknet entities.” In Q1 2020 there was a quick growth in the quantity of BTC sent out from darknet entities to mixers – third-party services that ‘blend’ various deal to odd history and enhance personal privacy. Comparing Q1 of 2019 to Q1 of 2020, the report discovers that:

  • Just 1% of BTC was sent out by mixers to darknet entities in 2015, compared to 20% this year.
  • The quantity of BTC darknet entities sent out to mixers increased from BTC 790 to BTC 7,946; in USD, the number increased from USD 3 million to USD 67 million.
  • The quantity of BTC gotten by darknet entities from mixers leapt from BTC 106 to BTC 288, or from USD 400,000 to nearly USD 2 million.

On the other hand, the quantity in BTC sent out to exchanges that need confirmation was minimized, from 24% in Q1 2019 to 13% in Q1 2020, stated Crystal, most likely in action to increased policy and confirmation procedures. This appears to “indicate a reduction in the use of cryptocurrency exchanges for criminal and darknet activities in favor of more anonymous services like mixers.”

Source: Crystal Blockchain.


Source: Crystal Blockchain.

Surprisingly, added the report, less BTC was sent out to exchanges without confirmation requirements too – dropping from 60% to 46% of all BTC in a year, as these are most likely being changed with mixers.

Darknet activities are simple to recognize and keep an eye on with analytical tools, states Crystal, including that the effect of the strong policies to combat them is currently evident.

The report likewise mentioned that quantity of BTC moved in between the darknet entities grew in Q1, however in between darknet and other entities dropped, possibly since of the growing altcoin appeal, while the worth in USD of the quantity of Bitcoin moved in between the latter 2 grew by 65%, due to the BTC cost valuing and other above-given factors.
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