Coronavirus: Scotland to set out ‘path map’ for easing lockdown

Derrick Santistevan

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will today set out a “route map” for a four-phased lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Constraints on outside activities like golf and fishing will be raised, garden centres and recycling centres will be enabled to resume and people will be able to fulfill somebody from a various family, with social distancing.

Ms Sturgeon will inform the Scottish Parliament today that the changes will enter into force on 28 th May, presuming ongoing success in suppression of the coronavirus

Nicola Sturgeon will set out the plan today

Development will be evaluated every 3 weeks, prior to raising limitations even more.

Speaking ahead of the statement, Ms Sturgeon stated: “The massive sacrifices made by people and services throughout Scotland have actually had a real effect on the spread of COVID-19 and I would like to thank everyone who has actually assisted to secure themselves, each other and our health and care services.

“For the time being, the advice on staying at home except for essential purposes remains the same, but we hope to shortly be ready to start easing the lockdown restrictions and today’s route map will outline how we can do that.”

The first minister stated she has actually been “guided by the latest scientific advice”, which listening to the views of individuals in Scotland.

The path map will be based upon World Health Organisation assistance, in addition to the experience of other countries who have actually relieved lockdown.

“This will be a very gradual process as we monitor how changing behaviour affects the infection rate and we will only be able to move toward easing more restrictions if we continue to work together to suppress the virus,” Ms Sturgeon stated.

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“Protecting lives will continue to be our number one priority – and I am confident that people across Scotland will continue to pull together in this national endeavour as we return to some kind of normality.”

Scotland’s easing of limitations has actually triggered increased preparations for a return to work and play in really various scenarios.

On the Old Course at St Andrews, the home of golf, they have actually made preparations for a ‘no-touch’ game fine-tuned by brand-new infection controls.

A flag in location on the Old Course, St Andrews

Hole pins bear a flag with the warning: “Do Not Touch Flag or Pin, COVID-19.”

Foam has actually been positioned onto the bottom of the pins so the ball does not drop totally, however comes to rest in between the pin and the ‘lip’ of the hole.

This implies it can be quickly raised and no hands need to explore the hole to obtain it.

Sandy Reid, director of green keeping at St Andrews Hyperlinks, informed Sky News: “For the last 2 months it’s been weird, it’s been like a Sunday.

Sandy Reid rakes the Roadway Hole bunker on the Old Course at St Andrews

” The Old Course is closed every Sunday and it’s been like that for us throughout. It’s definitely been a difficulty.

” We’ll be motivating golf enthusiasts not to touch the pins, bins and benches on the course, simply to make certain that everybody’s safe – both personnel and clients.”

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