China does not harass Uighurs in Europe

Sallie Anderson

Remarks by the representative of the embassy of China in Belgium.

We observed that a press reporter of EUobserver released a report on Xinjiang this Monday (22 June).

The embassy has various views and would like to stress the following 4 points.

First, Xinjiang is an inalienable part ofChina


Uighur ethnic culture, formed through long-lasting historic migration and combination, is an important part of the Chinese country.

Xinjiang has actually never ever been”East Turkistan” The so-called “East Turkistan” argument is absolutely nothing however a political tool and program of action for national separatist forces at home and abroad, in addition to foreign anti-China forces that try to dismember and divideChina


The “East Turkistan Islamic Movement”, which promotes “East Turkistan independence”, was designated a terrorist organization by the UN Security Council as early as 2002.

Second, Xinjiang-related matters are simply China’s internal affairs bearing on China’s sovereignty, security and territorial stability.

The Chinese federal government and Chinese people have the most state on problems worrying Xinjiang.

In the face of serious risks of terrorism and extremism, the de-radicalisation and anti-terrorism efforts taken by the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Area in accordance with the law have actually successfully suppressed the momentum of regular terrorist activities.

Xinjiang has not seen violent terrorist events for more than 3 successive years, which safeguard to the best level the rights of life, health and advancement of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

The city government’s policy and procedures get unfaltering assistance from people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and has actually been applauded by the international neighborhood.

China has actually welcomed groups of foreign diplomats, reporters, and professionals to go to Xinjiang and see the truth with their own eyes.

What they hear and see in Xinjiang are entirely various from what they have actually checked out from the Western media.

Third, the Embassy has actually released declarations on the Chinese Xinjiang person of Abdulhamid Tursun on lots of celebrations.

Tursun has actually never ever been politically maltreated.

He might go back to his nation to reunite with his households at any time.

Tursun’s spouse and children are Chinese people and are secured by China’s laws.

They are currently in health and lead a typical life.

4th, the claim that the Chinese embassy in Belgium informed overseas Uyghurs to get parcels at its complex is fabrication.

The Chinese embassy in Belgium has never ever and will not inform Chinese people by telephone to gather bundles or letters at the embassy.

Some wrongdoers make calls to overseas Chinese declaring to be working for the embassy of China in Belgium to commit telecom scams.

The embassy has actually consistently asked the associated Belgian authorities and cops to carry out examinations to safeguard the genuine rights and interests of Chinese people.

The Chinese embassy in Belgium when again advise overseas Chinese in Belgium to remain careful and report to the cops when being targeted by such illegal deceptive efforts.

The Chinese embassy in Belgium hopes that the media will appreciate the truths, desert bias, cover China with a goal and reasonable mind, so that through your trustworthy representations the Belgian public will learn more about more about China in its true light.

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