Chileans on ‘tourist robbery’ trip jailed after targeting wealthy Cheshire homes

Derrick Santistevan

2 Chilean nationals have actually been jailed after taking a trip to the UK for “tourism burglary” and taking ₤170,000 of individual products from homes, consisting of from the house of a former Manchester United gamer.

Jorge Pinto Vallejos, 27, was sentenced to 3 years and 8 months, while Jamie Duarte Vera, 40, was offered 3 years and 4 months for remaining in a criminal activity group that burgled wealthy homes in Cheshire prior to Christmas.

They got into a number of homes in Alderley Edge and Prestbury, stealing diamond bracelets, shotguns, a platinum wedding event ring, and a ₤30,000 Patek Philippe watch.

At one house, the set opened the family’s Christmas presents and took ₤44,000 of products, while a victim from Alderley Edge stated he was left sensation “vulnerable” when ₤25,000 of jewellery with extra emotional worth was taken.

Tomasz Kuszczak stated the robberies had a ‘substantial effect’ on his family

The four-storey home of Polish footballer Tomasz Kuszczak was targeted two times, with a 100 kg safe including diamond bracelets and watches worth ₤80,000 eliminated.

On their second effort, Vallejos and Vera were captured by movement detectors that the former Manchester United goalkeeper had actually set up – leading to their ultimate arrest.

Kuszczak stated the event had actually had a “huge impact” on him and his family, while district attorney Brett Williamson added: “He now spends for round- the-clock CCTV tracking.

“His partner feels vulnerable when he is away.”

Cheshire Cops stated the men, who both concerned the UK in October, had actually made the journey for “tourism burglary” by taking “as many valuable items as possible before fleeing the area, leaving the country and evading justice”.

A declaration from Investigator Constable Louise Holman, of the Metropolitan Cops, recommended a larger style of comparable occurrences as she in-depth 300 arrests of Chilean nationals for robberies up and down the nation given that 2017.

She stated: “These burglaries follow a pattern of targeting affluent areas, mainly in the winter months, where safes would be and the whole safe is stolen.”

When they attempted to burgle Tomasz Kuszczak’s house for a second time, The set were captured.

Phone records likewise revealed that Vallejos had actually spoken with others about sending out jewellery home.

His defence attorney, Kay Chauffeur, stated the intruder was raised by loved ones in a “very poor household” after transferring to Chile from Belgium when he was 2.

She stated the 27- year-old wished to “send apologies” to the victims which he comprehended the damage triggered to their “confidence, their wellbeing and society”.

On the other hand, Vera’s defence, Jemma Gordon, stated her customer had actually at first taken a trip to the UK to make money, however got himself “involved in criminality”.

She stated he likewise wished to reveal his apologies and was “disappointed” in his own behaviour.

Both men will be deported after their jail sentences.

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