BMW shows the new iDrive in detail

Sandra Loyd

New generation of digital cockpit with new operating system

BMW presented in detail the brand new iDrive that will debut this year with the arrival of the iX SUV following its path to the i4. IDrive puts the interaction between the driver (and the occupants) and the vehicle on a new digital level with a panoramic curved screen to focus attention.

At the heart ‘ invisible ‘of the new generation iDrive is the new BMW Operating System 8 designed for an interaction focused on language and tactile commands providing the driver with updated information and treated by artificial intelligence that learns by repeating situations and suggests functions accordingly.

The graphical presentations on the curved screen reflect a minimalist artistic approach to the interaction between driver and vehicle merging the analog and digital dimensions. The new digital cockpit concept combines an instrument panel with a 12.3 ” screen and a 14.9 ” control screen.

principle is to dispense redundant information and show the essentials where it is essential and to reduce buttons and to leave many of the commands left to touch and voice. The options for individualizing functions are visible on the dashboard and controlled by the controls on the steering wheel.

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