Asuka and Otis take home WWE Money in the Bank briefcases

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Asuka (Picture VIA WWE)

Asuka and Otis left of WWE Home Office with the Money in the Bank briefcases in their arms.

The 2020 edition of the Money in the Bank will be kept in mind for its zaniness and imagination as the night ended with Asuka and Otis as the winners of ensured title shots.

The distinct take on the ladder match began as the group of men and women took their beginning locations in the business workplaces. The bell for both groups sounded to start the absurdity and carnage that would take place. For the next hour fans were dealt with to a cinematic discussion of 2 groups of expert wrestlers battling throughout the WWE business workplaces. There were a range of sectors suggested to lean into the maniacal side of the market which included such things as a food battle, slip and fall, restroom sectors and whatever in in between. By the end of the match audiences saw cameos from Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman, Bro Love and more.

The women reached the roofing system first and the brawl would continue. Asuka discovered her method to the top of the ladder, simply for Baron Corbin to for a little while disrupt her assent. A couple of slaps later on and Corbin went toppling to the ground, enabling Asuka to get the brief-case to claim the first success as her own.

The men saw more action on the roofing system, consisting of Corbin devoting evident murder tossing Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black off the roofing system. Completion came as Corbin and AJ Styles battled on top of the ladder. Elias came out of no place, smashed his guitar over Corbin’s back, sending him toppling to the ground. Designs would get the brief-case however dropped it, right into the hands ofOtis Otis is now the men’s Money in the Bank winner.

The Universal title match saw some fascinating shenanigans as Braun Strowman took on versus Bray Wyatt. No, this was not The Fiend, however rather the “Mr. Rogers-like” version of Wyatt that attempts to caution others of The Fiend’s pending doom. Strowman got the win in a back and forth match, however the turning point came when Strowman wore the mask of the black sheep, obviously rejoining Wyatt. In the end, it was all a technique as Strowman utilized it to get his hands-on Wyatt and provide the powerslam for the finish.

Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre exchanged a great deal of compelling offense, however it would be McIntyre who would leave of the PPV keeping his title. Rollins utilized the night to debut brand-new style music, however it would not suffice to motivate him to another championship reign. Both Rollins and McIntyre fired off a great deal of big relocations in the match and the finishing series that resulted in the Claymore was wonderful. After the pin fall, McIntyre extended his hand and shared a handshake with Rollins in see appeared to be a show of regard. We all understand how far “respect” goes in the world of expert wrestling.

The intrigue in Money in the Bank is typically around who will leave of the night with an ensured title shot. Not just was that the story, however WWE including the ladder matches at the home office was a welcome twist in a time where imagination is required in home entertainment.

WWE Money in the Bank Full Results

Jeff Hardy beats Cesaro by means of pin fall

New Day defeat the Lucha Brothers, Forgotten Sons and Miz & & Morrison to maintain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team titles

Bobby Lashley beats R-Truth by means of pin fall

Bayley beats Tamina to maintain the WWE SmackDown Women’s title

Braun Strowman beats Bray Wyatt to maintain the WWE Universal championship

Drew McIntyre beats Seth Rollins to maintain the WWE Championship

Asuka wins the women’s Money in the Bank brief-case

Otis wins the men’s Money in the Bank brief-case

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