A parliamentarian reveals … this is why Ankara is tolerating the violations of its militants in Syria


Despite repeated international criticism and condemnation of the violations of Syrian armed groups loyal to Turkey in the areas under its control in northeastern and western Syria, Ankara, which it supports militarily and logistically, has not yet worked to hold them accountable, although international institutions such as “Human Rights Watch” have explicitly requested it to do so. Early February.

Aykan Erdemir, a former deputy in the Turkish parliament and a senior researcher for the Turkey program at the FDD, which is based in Washington, DC, said that “the northern Syrian cities that they control Turkey and its armed militias require continuous financial aid from Ankara to continue providing basic services to its residents. ”

He added in an interview with Al-Arabiya.net that“ providing services to the residents of the Syrian areas under the influence of Ankara, for the Turkish government is It is better than hosting Syrian refugees inside its territory, and therefore it refuses to receive more of them, especially since it seems to avoid the anger of its supporters who reject the Syrian presence in Turkey. ”

And he continued:“ On the economic level, the provision of basic services in Turkey. Northern Syria is less expensive for Ankara instead of receiving more refugees, in addition to that Ankara imposes its currency in those Syrian cities and provides a new market for its companies, products and services, which is an additional reason for its refusal to receive more refugees. ”

He also revealed that “The areas under Ankara’s control in north-eastern and western Syria represent, in general, a source of drain for the Turkish economy, given that Ankara pays the salaries of its local armed agents,” referring to the so-called “Syrian National Army,” whose members receive monthly salaries from the Turkish authorities.

Ankara has failed to stop the violations of its militias

He pointed out that “the militants loyal to Ankara in these areas obtain additional funds other than the ones they receive from the Turkish authorities through provocation such as kidnapping civilians and demanding A ransom at a later time, or committing robberies, looting and plunder, “considering that” the Turkish government has failed to stop these practices committed by its agents on the ground. “

He also pointed out that” the international community has repeatedly criticized these violations, but Nevertheless, Ankara has not acted to hold its armed militias accountable for crimes against minorities who do not enjoy Protection in the areas under their control, ”explaining that“ the Turkish authorities tolerate these violations and seem to find in them an additional financial source for their agents who provide them with small sums. ”

For years, Ankara has controlled parts of Syria, where It has established military bases like those spread in Idlib and its countryside, in addition to other cities such as Al-Bab, Afrin, Jarablus, Al-Rai, Tal Abyad and Ras Al-Ain, all of which are Syrian cities located on the borders with Turkey.

And Ankara was able to impose its control over these areas in cooperation. With the armed Syrian opposition groups that fought under their banner against the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, and for this purpose, they launched three military operations inside Syrian territory.

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