You would never figure out which is the most popular programming language

Sandra Loyd

Which is the most popular programming language? JavaScript or Python? None of them! If you can believe the Tiobe Swiss software house, the king of programming languages ​​is still almost fifty years old C!

AC was born in 1972 by an American scientist named Dennis Ritchie who developed the Unix operating system also participated. Ritchie died in 2011, but her intellectual child is still valued by the profession for its simplicity, elegance and portability. Another great virtue of C is that it is close to hardware and handles memory very sparingly.

As a general-purpose language, all Google, Bing, Yahoo were connected to C in February 2021. !, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu searches 16.34 percent, making C ahead of Java, Python, C ++, and Microsoft C #.

It’s interesting that although the IT sector is constantly evolving, the Tiobe index has been driven by the same eight languages ​​for seven years. Of course, these themselves change, as new versions of all programming languages ​​other than Cn appear regularly: for example, C # is updated almost every year. C ++ is updated slightly less frequently (once every three years), but its most recent release has made very significant changes to C ++ programming.

The list of popularity of programming languages ​​is therefore relatively stable, and the only major change in Tiobe’s February 2021 index compared to last year compared to Java, it lost only 11.29 percent of searches this year, down 6.07 percent from last year.

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