You have to see these memes about the Perseverance landing on Mars

Tyler Hromadka

Hi , is there anybody? The Perseverance rover is also supposed to search for traces of past life on Mars. (Image: BEST-BACKGROUNDS / Shutterstock)

The question of what the new Mars rover Perseverance will find on the red planet is not an issue only the experts from NASA. There are already many ideas and ideas circulating on Twitter. We have gathered the best.

“Is there life on Mars?” Asked David Bowie as early as 1971 – and finally nobody has been able to answer it yet. Last but not least, hopes are being placed in Perseverance, the rover that landed on the red planet on Thursday, February 18th, around 10 p.m. Central European time. He is to investigate Mars geologically and also look for traces of earlier life and water. This also means that he collects rocks that are to be transported back to earth in a later mission. The small helicopter called Ingenuity, which Perseverance has on board, is also supposed to test whether it is possible to fly in the thin Martian atmosphere and, if necessary, undertake various exploratory flights.

Life on Mars – it could look like this

And maybe it turns out that there is life on Mars . That would then raise further questions: What does it look like?

After landing, Perseverance has a black and white photo of the earth as the first sign of life cleverly. Twitter users analyzed it directly and presented their very own results – if they were right, the Mars population would not be so dissimilar to us. Or have some familiar faces just arrived on Mars a long time ago?

This one reminds us suspiciously of a certain Vincent Vega:

And Bernie Sanders either has a Mars doppelganger – or made himself comfortable in his chair when the rover arrives. In any case, his clothes go well with the temperatures that can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius below zero on Mars.

Fortunately, Starbucks is already here – the coffee supply is there.

And the people of Baden-Württemberg seem to be in the lead again:

Whereby – who actually says that Perseverance will meet people on Mars, of all places got to?

Vibing Cat seems to be there anyway:

… which in turn calls these colleagues onto the scene:

Whether human, animal or a completely different way of life – someone was on everyone Fall already there. And was hungry:

By the way: If you want to deal more seriously with the Mars rover Perseverance, you should definitely read our overview article.

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