Wuhan Residents Fear Second Wave of Coronavirus Infections As Fresh Cases Emerge

Sandra Loyd

As fresh coronavirus cases were reported in the main Chinese city of Wuhan, triggering issues over a second wave of the epidemic there, medical specialists in the democratic island of Taiwan stated they have actually developed a natural treatment for COVID-19

Wuhan’s epidemic nerve center on Monday provided a notification to authorities of a city-wide program of nucleic acid tests for millions of residents after a cluster of cases emerged in the Dongmin domestic substance in Jianghan district.

Wuhan resident Shen Boyang stated numerous in the city now fear a second wave of infections.

“It may be spreading widely again,” Shen stated. “Regarding the test program, I will only comply if it is at the government’s expense and not my own.”

“People in Wuhan are all talking about a resurgence of the epidemic; I heard that five cases were also confirmed in Shandi district,” he stated.

A second Wuhan homeowner stated 2 believed cases had actually likewise been reported at Dongmin domestic substance, where authorities were decontaminating the whole location.

Thousands of people have actually been gathering to healthcare facilities in the city to line up for tests, however at their own cost, sources in the city stated.

A 3rd Wuhan homeowner, Fang Peng, stated the information of the brand-new screening plan have yet to emerge.

“We were also looking at this document yesterday,” Fang stated. “It doesn’t say how many people will be tested, nor who will pay for it.”

“There has been one confirmed case in Changqing residential compound in Dongxihu district, and four asymptomatic cases,” Fang stated. “Asymptomatic cases aren’t counted in the same figure as confirmed cases.”

He stated regional community authorities had actually at first attempted to play down the number of cases, then altered the figure they reported.

” You can’t think what they state, since the real numbers they report undergo the internal procedures of the [ruling Chinese Communist] Party,” Fang stated.

New treatment in Taiwan

On the other hand, health specialists in democratic Taiwan state they have actually developed a treatment for COVID-19 clients utilizing a mix of conventional Chinese medication (TCM) herbs and Western medication.

Taiwan’s National Research Study Institute of Chinese Medication (NRICM) stated it had actually seen 12 clients offered the medication released from medical facility within 8-10 days of beginning treatment, the island’s Central News Firm (CNA) reported.

NRICM Director Su Yi-Chang stated 2 other just recently validated clients are still going through treatment.

Su stated the active ingredients utilized would just be exposed by the research study team if they are authorized by the Central Upsurge Command Center’s (CECC) for usage in its suggested treatment program.

The treatment used of Su’s experience with dealing with SARS clients with TCM in 2003, Su informed CNA.

The prescriptions, when utilized in mix with Western medication, have actually worked in supporting the heart rate and high blood pressure of COVID-19 clients, in addition to reducing their fevers, Su stated.

The research study team discovered that some TCM active ingredients can fuse with spike proteins on the surface area of SARS-CoV-2, the infection that triggers COVID-19, avoiding the infection from contaminating the human body.

Another advantage of the treatment is that it can assist reduce a cytokine storm, an overreaction of the body’s immune system that can be fatal, the report stated.

Reported by Qiao Wish for RFA’s Mandarin Service, and by Wong Siu-san and Sing Guy for the Cantonese Service. Equated and modified by Luisetta Mudie.

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