Wizard of Oz band releases unreleased album cover on NFT

Sandra Loyd

The folk metal band Mago de Oz from Spain decided to join the craze that revolves around non-fungible tokens (NFT) with the auction of one of their characteristic covers, not revealed until now.

The piece illustrated by Gaboni, the band’s official cover designer, was a discarded proposal for the album cover Ira Dei that Mago de Oz launched two years ago. However, now the group considered that it was good enough to be released as a collection token.

“On the cover we can see God and the Devil betting the souls of mortals on chess”, read in the description of the digital art, whose sale will end on March 15 , as detailed on the platform uniquedigital.art . So far, the highest bid is 850 euros, about USD 1,010.

Whoever acquires the work will also receive the album in physical format signed by the band. It is noteworthy that the theme that Wizard of Oz addresses in this production is the apocalypse , somewhat coinciding with the pandemic that would affect the world a year after the album came out. Later, the Madrid folk metal combo received a gold record for exceeding 20,000 copies sold of Ira Dei .

Gaboni, the illustrator in charge of making Mago’s album covers has been the creator of the extravagant images that characterize the band. The creator of the Spanish group’s iconography has won several awards , including the award for the best illustrator of the year from the International Comic Fair of Malaga in 2012 .

Gaboni is the creator of the iconic violin witch that remains as a reference to the band that began to write its history in the world of music since 1988. Source: YouTube screenshot.

NFT: the star of the music world

Sudden NFTs mind are everywhere in the world of music. To artists such as Gorillaz, Calvin Harris and Kings of Leon and others have joined the collectible token fever . All seek to capture the interest of more followers willing to pay significant sums of money for a new combination of art and technology as part of a new utopian reality. The rights and ownership of the original creators in the NFT ecosystem apply. Several of the concerns that the community and artists have regarding non-fungible tokens were analyzed by some specialists at the MIT Bitcoin Expo 2021, one of the Most important conferences in the world for the blockchain environment.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, specialists believe that currently there are multiple issues to be resolved in the present so that the market has a future prosperous. One of the problems to be solved has to do with the way in which the images linked to these cryptoassets are hosted. It is because, if they stop operating or are not kept online, the works of the NFTs hosted on their servers will no longer be available .

By For this reason, many are turning to a system called IPFS, or Interplanetary File System, not to depend on centralized storage, but rather to do so with a p2p method that allows data to be stored and shared in a distributed file system.

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