When are we getting an AJ Agazarm vs. Cris Lencioni battle?

Derrick Santistevan

When are we getting an AJ Agazarm vs. Cris Lencioni battle and will it be an Mixed Martial Arts battle or grappling?

If you have actually been focusing you may have observed there’s a little heat going on in between AJ Agazarm and CrisLencioni It appears that both men wish to combat each other, however neither wishes to do it at the other one’s terms. We’ll break down whatever about this possible bout from the origins previously.

How all of it began

Lencioni was singing about wishing to combat Agazarm as early as late in 2015 (possibly even previously). Lencioni was campaigning to combat Agazarm in the Bellator cage. That battle never ever pertained to fulfillment and Agazarm would go on to combat Adel Altamimi in January and Lencioni would go on to combat Salim Mukhidinov in February. Both would win their bouts.

We asked Lencioni about the battle in February

We could not withstand asking Lencioni about the battle in February and he wasn’t thinking about combating to make the match occur any longer.

“I saw his fight and I understand why he didn’t want to fight me now,” Lencioni informed FanSided. “That was bad. He’s testing his chin out early in his career, let’s just put it that way. That takes damage on you and it only holds up for so long, and my chin has never really been tested in that sense. So if we’re going to chin for chin, I’m going to win that for sure. If we’re going grappling experience for grappling experience, I think I’m going to win that one as well because unfortunately for him, I train with some very, very high-level competitives out here. I think he even lost to one of them not that long ago.”

“I’m not sure I even want that fight anymore to be honest with you,” Lencioni stated. “I do and I don’t, you know.”

Then Submission Grappling occurred

In April we spoke with Lencioni once again (he was set to complete at Submission Underground 13). He discussed he ‘d wished to finish in the submission just match in a Gi, however his opponent wasn’t eager. He likewise doubled down on his disinterest in combating Agazarm, unless the money was.

It appears Agazarm captured wind of it and reignited the competition with 4 basic words.

“Respect the Gi bro”

Throughout the broadcast, Chael Sonnen exposed that Agazarm had actually texted him asking to combat Lencioni in a Gi for Submission Underground.

Quickly after, this exchange occurred.

Nah sucka, I didn’t desire a Gi match, I desire the BATTLE, unless we get to use 4 ounce gloves WITH THE GI, then I’m great with it. You need to get your ass whooped for believing you can enter the featherweight division of @BellatorMMA you in the incorrect “sport”

— Cristopher Lencioni (@CrisSunshineMMA) April 27, 2020

You are awkward yourself calling out a brown belt for a grappling match when you have actually been a black belt for nearly a years. We are both pro fighters and I understand for a reality you have actually refused the battle numeroustimes Do not be frightened homie.

— Cristopher Lencioni (@CrisSunshineMMA) April 27, 2020

Lol this is so awkward for you. You are simply revealing everybody how much of a bitch you trulyare I get it AJ you do not desire the battle. It’s clear friend. I’ll stop bullying you now. Simply to be clear, you are in reality, turning down the battle … once again.

— Cristopher Lencioni (@CrisSunshineMMA) April 27, 2020

I do not keep in mind Jesse Roberts needing to make a battle with you after he embarrassed you in yourdebut Take a seat old guy.

— Cristopher Lencioni (@CrisSunshineMMA) April 27, 2020

The social media go-round

Let’s simply enjoy a few of this social media garbage talk

I do not understand if he knows, however there’s an whole global pandemic currently taking place, so battle shows are at a hault. Considering that your show is running I recommended we start there, and I can shut his little mouth up for talking garbage, however now we truly understand he’s scared.

— AJ Agazarm (@TheFloridaBoy) April 29, 2020

I want to get the Corona by taking a trip to Portland to choke him on @SUG_Grappling May 31

— AJ Agazarm (@TheFloridaBoy) April 30, 2020

No @ChaelSonnen— Your young boy has actually been running his mouth about NDA. That ain’t cool. He stated he was searching for a gi match, and when you stated I would personally drive myself from Stockton to Oregon to make that occur, he rapidly dick tucked. https://t.co/9RHNaKjMhx

— AJ Agazarm (@TheFloridaBoy) April 29, 2020

The text

On Thursday, enhancing the obstacle, Agazarm shared a screenshot of a text from Sonnen stating that Lencioni wasn’t thinking about the bout.

The bottom line is this:

Agazarm desires a Gi match in Submission UndergroundLencioni desires an Mixed Martial Arts match in BellatorThe fans simply desire whatever we can get

We’ll upgrade this are more drama occurs, or if either fighter ever gives up and something is scheduled.

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