West Virginia Elects Its First Out Transgender Official

Adrian Ovalle

West Virginia elected its first out transgender official on Tuesday, a triumph civil liberties groups stated would assist strengthen representation and political power for LGBTQ Americans.

Rosemary Ketchum won her quote for the Wheeling City Council on Tuesday and will represent the city’s Ward 3. When she presumes her role on July 1, Ketchum will be among simply 4 out LGBTQ authorities in the state to hold publicoffice

“I’m incredibly excited and grateful. I know this was a close race,” Ketchum informed The Wheeling News- Register on Tuesday, keeping in mind that while she didn’t campaign on her identity, the win “matters a lot.”

HISTORY MADE: @RosemaryKetchum simply won a seat on the Wheeling City Council and is now the first out trans individual ever elected in West Virginia! She will be among simply 27 out trans elected authorities in the whole country. pic.twitter.com/Ma3aMYpiTQ

— LGBTQ Success Fund (@VictoryFund) June 10,2020

Ketchum operates at the National Alliance for Mental Disorder and is an active neighborhood organizer.

“I believe that we must work WITH our community members to solve problems rather than without them or worse – against them,” she composed on her campaign website. “But all too often, what we have seen is a lack of focus, a lack of drive, and most notably, a lack of presence regarding our elected community leaders.”

The LGBTQ Success Fund, which backed Ketchum’s quote, noted her win is a landmark minute in the defend representation. There are simply 26 out transgender authorities in the United States, and the group stated Ketchum’s triumph “will resonate well beyond her state.”

“Rosemary has shattered a lavender ceiling in West Virginia and will join the growing number of out trans elected officials serving nationwide,” the group’s president, Annise Parker, stated in a declaration. “We know Rosemary’s race will inspire other trans people from conservative states to consider a run for office in their communities – and then those candidates will inspire others as well. That virtuous cycle is the key to building trans acceptance and political power long-term.”

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