We must safeguard Hong Kong security

Sallie Anderson

In an interview with the EUobserver’s editor-in-chief Koert Debeuf, Chinese ambassador Cao Zhongming, speaks about Hong Kong, disinformation, “unabashed bullying by the United States on Huawei and on the role of the EU worldwide.

I have actually kept in mind of the report, which captured me by surprise. I marvel it states China provides disinformation. Rather on the contrary, China is a victim of disinformation. I believe China constantly had the exact same position, opposing disinformation on the web, definitely after the current Covid-19 disinformation on China. We are worried about these type of allegations as they produce the incorrect understanding about China and they misinform the Europeanpublic On social media, it will, possibly, be challenging to absolutely remove disinformation. Some countries or political leaders intentionally spread out harmful rumours about China. In any case, China wants to interact with the EU to stop the dispersing of disinformation.

The United States have actually been making rumours about the so-called backdoor in the Huawei equipment however has actually stopped working to supply any concrete proof as much as today. After these claims by the United States, numerous European countries have run the most strenuous tests on Huawei items. Far, they have not discovered any security backdoors or loopholes. Huawei has actually stated openly that it wants to share its source code with any nation or sign any security contract on its equipment with any nation. It shows Huawei’s openness and openness, and it shows it has absolutely nothing to conceal.

Huawei is 100% a private business that has actually flourished thanks to its effort and its R&D. What we are seeing is unabashed bullying by the United States versus a private Chinese business. Obviously, the so-called security problems are just a pretext. The United States can decline it has actually been surpassed by Huawei in the 5G domain. On top, the United States wants to stop the participation of China in this location to keep its own technological supremacy. This unethical practice by the United States breaches totally free trade and reasonable competition concepts and weakens the genuine advancement rights and interests of China.

Likewise, I want to stress that the United States is doing this on a Chinese business today, however tomorrow it may do it to business of other countries. I hope European countries will continue to supply a reasonable environment for Chinese business in Europe. Once again, the claims that there is a security threat in Huawei equipment are totally false.

The concept that China is spying in Europe is not restricted to Huawei.

I keep in mind that a long time ago EUobserver released a story on Chineseespionage These stories do not have any accurate basis and are rather subjective guessworks. In the end, they showed not to betrue I imply, stating one nation is performing espionage in another nation is a major accusation. Strong evidence must be provided. If not, it is phony news.

On 22 May, China’s National People’s Congress accepted install a non-sedition law on HongKong Should individuals of Hong Kong be worried?

The decision to present a national security law in Hong Kong is a concern, and can not be postponed. When Hong Kong returned to the motherland in 1997, the Chinese main federal government had actually authorised Hong Kong to enact a security law of its own. This legislation is yet to be presented today. Given that last June, Hong Kong self-reliance organisations and radical “localists”, in collusion with foreign forces, have actually produced insecurity in Hong Kong, and jeopardised China’s national security, and challenged the essence of the ‘one nation, 2 systems’.

This is why the National People’s Congress chose to close this security loophole and safeguard the security and stability of HongKong The congress declared the ‘one nation, 2 systems’ and a high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong. The legislation is just targeting sedition, criminal activities, subversion and terrorist activities. The rights and flexibilities of Hong Kong citizens will not be impacted. The decision will ensure more security and social stability in Hong Kong and defense of business, consisting of those from EUcountries I believe the decision remains in line with the interest of EUcountries No need to stress.

When you state “subversion of state power”, do you imply the state power of Hong Kong, or the main federal government in Beijing?

The main federal government in Beijing.

So, Hong Kong is unable to ensure its own security and stability?

The reality that, after 23 years, Hong Kong still has no security law, leaves Hong Kong unguarded with regard to the nationalsecurity This has actually made possible the increasing violence which began in June. It’s not typical that a part of China has no security legislation.

Does this mean that from now on the security of HK will be performed by China?

The National People’s Congress embraced a decision to ensure the security of Hong Kong, however it still needs to exercise the information. In other words, the information are not clear.

There was response from the United States and EU to thisdecision Will it make China’s relationship not more challenging and made complex?

Hong Kong becomes part of the Chinese sovereign area. Hong Kong matters become part of China’s internal affairs which does not permit any foreign disturbance. I discovered that EU mentioned assistance for the “one country, two systems”, and the National People’s Congress embraced the decision for developing a legal system and enforcement systems in Hong Kong to completely and consistently carry out the”one country, two systems” In addition, the UK is likewise a stakeholder in Hong Kong’s success and stability as it delights in close financial and financial ties with HongKong As long as the UK appreciates China’s genuine rights by itself area and the ‘one nation, 2 systems’, there will be no conflict in between China and the UK on Hong Kong associated matters. National security is the duty of the main federal government. That is so all over worldwide.

Recently Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg, however likewise the European Commission, identified China as a hazard. The congress chose to increase the budget by 6.6percent Do you comprehend that the EU and Nato see China as an increasing risk?

China is dedicated to its serene advancement and is not meaning to posture a hazard to any nation in the world. I want to state that the growth rate of China’s military budget has actually gone to a down trajectory in the last 3 years, from 8.1 percent over 7.5 percent to 6.6percent China’s national defence expense is 1.3 percent of GDP, much lower than the global average of 2.6percent The United States prompted Nato members to increase their defence budget to 2.0 percent of GDP. The United States military budget was 3 percent of GDP in 2019, and its overall budget is 4 times than that of China. On top of it, in 2019 the United States military budget went beyond the combined defence budget of the 9 countries that are following on the ranking.

In addition, part of China’s defence expense will be utilized for international peacekeeping objectives or humanitarian support. China is prepared to take more duty and contribute more to world peace and stability. As China’s economy is growing, and as it is prepared to take more international responsibilities, it is rather typical that its military budget grows at a specific steadyrate

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi stated 2 weeks ago the world is heading towards a brand-new Cold War. Is China severe about this?

China is not interested at all in a brand-new Cold War. Cold Wars protest the tide ofhistory It will not enjoy public assistance and it will weaken success. All countries need to remain watchful and work together so that it will not occur. As the world’s biggest establishing and developed countries, China and the United States are both gaining from cooperation and are both losing from conflict. We must interact to develop more cooperation based upon shared regard. We hope the United States leaves this Cold War mindset and zero-sum thinking.

What lessons has China gained from the corona crisis?

Covid-19 is a brand-new infection we have actually not experienced prior to. After the break out both China and the EU have actually seemed strong supporters for offering the WHO a more powerful, more crucial role, and likewise the role of the vaccine alliance, GAVI, in the circulation of the future vaccine. China’s president Xi Jinping revealed that if China will establish a vaccine, it will be offered to the world as a public excellent.

What we likewise gained from Covid19 is that mankind has actually never ever been so carefully linked. Infections do not discriminate in between colour, citizenship or gender. No nation can remain separated. Just in uniformity will mankind dominate. That’s why Xi Jinping stated that we ought to develop a global neighborhood for health for all.

How do you see the position of the EU in the future?

As the world is experiencing numerous instabilities and unpredictabilities, I believe the EU must have a thorough conversation on its position in the international landscape. A couple of days earlier, I had a conversation with a former senior official of an EU nation. His view is that EU and European leaders are logical and rather practical in dealing with EU -China and EU-US relations which they are considering a brand-new relationship with the United States and China.

I value that. Simply like China, Europe has an enduring history and is an old civilisation. The EU has the knowledge to handle complicated problems in an ever-changing international environment. While Europe is acquiring more tactical self-reliance, it likewise provides fantastic significance to multilateralism, guideline of law and totally freetrade For Europe, the very best choice would be a foreign and practical policy instead of being restricted by ideology. As long as the EU remains unified, it will stay a crucial pole in a multi-polar world. China will constantly invite a more active role of the EU worldwide.

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