Watch … Houthi missile strikes destroy a mosque in western Yemen


Missile shelling of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia targeted the residential neighborhood of Al-Hawk in Al-Hawk district, south of Hodeidah, western Yemen, today, Saturday, as part of its escalating violations of the international truce.

And local sources reported that the Houthi militia launched From the areas under its control, two Katyusha rockets, towards the residential neighborhood of Mazhar, completely destroyed a mosque, leveling it to the ground.

The bombing also caused violent explosions that shook the residential neighborhood and terrified the residents of their homes.

The people of Mashhad district reported that the Houthi militia bombed the Al-Qasi Mosque, which is one of the largest and most important mosques in Mashhad neighborhood, and all the furniture in it was destroyed.

The residents denounced, according to the military media of the joint forces, the tampering with the Houthi militia against the people of the neighborhood, of which about 80 people remain, since most of the people were displaced by the bombing Al-Houthi.

They said that the Mashir neighborhood was destroyed and was severely devastated, even the mosques were not spared from the militia bombing.

They also surprised the silence of the United Nations and advocates of humanity towards the crimes of the Houthis.

The residential neighborhood of Mazhar has been subjected to repeated attacks during the past months by the Houthi militia, which have resulted in material and human losses and a large wave of displacement

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