Vietnam Objects to China’s Undersea Cable Construction in Paracels

Sandra Loyd

Vietnam objected Thursday to China’s current reported laying of undersea cable televisions in the challenged Paracel Islands, stating it was an offense of Vietnamese sovereignty.

The Foreign Ministry comment came as Vietnam released a coastguard vessel into another objected to island chain in the South China Sea, the Spratlys, in evident action to the existence of Chinese maritime militia around a Vietnamese station there.

In Hanoi, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang was inquired about a BenarNews report on Monday, likewise brought by Radio Free Asia, that a Chinese ship was fixing or laying undersea cable televisions near Chinese stations in theParacels

The reporting was based upon industrial satellite images and vessel-tracking software application, and was mentioned thoroughly by Vietnamese state media today.

“Vietnam has sufficient historical evidence and legal grounds affirming its sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagoes in accordance with international law,” Hang informed press reporters, according to the state-run Vietnam News Company.

“Therefore, any activity relating to the two archipelagoes conducted without Vietnam’s permission are violations of its sovereignty and of no value,” she stated.

U.S.-based professionals spoken with by RFA stated the cable work recommended that China was setting up an undersea monitoring system for its occupied features in the Paracels, more militarizing the area.

Vietnam and China both declare the Paracel Islands, a series of reefs and rocks in the north of the South China Sea.

Vietnamese coast guard goes into disputed location

On The Other Hand, RFA and BenarNews have actually found that a Vietnamese coastguard vessel has actually gotten in the Union Banks, a location in the Spratlys that hosts 4 Vietnamese and 2 Chinese-occupied military stations.

The coastguard vessel, recognizable as the CSB-8005 on vessel-tracking software application and found on satellite images, went into the location on June 4 and is currently patrolling close by the Vietnamese station on Sinh Ton Dong/Sin Cowe East Island.

It appears most likely that the Vietnamese coastguard ship was sent out to frighten Chinese maritime militia vessels. There has actually been a near-continuous existence of the maritime militia in the Union Banks location considering that March.

Satellite images shows what appears to be at least 30 Chinese fishing vessels situated straight north of Sinh Ton Dong since June 5, and vessel-tracking software application suggests that a minimum of 5 maritime militia ships are in the location too.

Since Thursday, the software application revealed the maritime militia were still in the Union Banks location, however had actually moved further east.

In Union Banks, China inhabits Johnson South Reef and Hughes Reef. Vietnam inhabits Collins Reef, Sin Cowe Island/Dao Sinh Ton, Sin Cowe East/Sinh Ton Dong, and Lansdowne Reef.

China keeps it has “historic rights” to the whole of the South China Sea, a claim that Vietnam and others complaintants highly object to.

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